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30 Days TV Series Challenge, days 23-30

And now the end is near and I draw the final curtain on this TV series challenge. 🙂 Here are Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3!

23. Is there a series that taught you something that opened your eyes to a topic or inspired you to do something?

The Wire was certainly eye-opening, and not in a good way. Boardwalk Empire helped illustrate the Prohibition Era bootlegging operations and gave me some of the lingo to use for my Vampire: The Masquerade character, who’s a New York gangster from that era, who’s in charge of a speakeasy and runs the Family’s bootlegging operations. I would probably have struggled to get on with Boardwalk Empire a year ago, but funny how perspectives change. (I might even like the Godfather films now, shocker, and I willingly sat through 3.5 hours of The Irishman.)

24. Who is your favourite villain?

Sue Sylvester (Glee). She was a lot of fun. Louis Litt (Suits) was also sort of a villain for a bit, and what an amazingly layered character he turned out to be, and not at all a villain!

25. What is your favourite quote from a series?

Eddie Kessler: “My son is an assistant to the Bürgermeister!”
Ralph Capone: “Ah, a chef!”

Well, it might not be the best ever quote all categories from any TV show of all time, but it never fails to make me giggle.

26. Which two series would you like to see a crossover of?

Imagine a crossover between Time Trax and Breakout Kings. That would have been a good giggle, if we forget there’s a good 15 years or so between the two, and one is sci-fi and the other one … not. But both are fugitive retrieval shows!

27. Which series is unfortunately not as successful as you would like it to be?

Hello? Chuck, obviously! It struggled getting renewed, the seasons are all of varied length and it’s really underrated, and I love it so much.

28. Which series you are currently watching has the most seasons?

NCIS. They’re on like 17 seasons or something now? Sure, it’s been a bit samey for years now, but … c’mon, Gibbs!

29. What series do you watch that nobody would think you would like?

I don’t think anyone would think I enjoy Breakout Kings, but I do. You could argue Boardwalk Empire, but I do like a period drama, and this year I’ve gone nuts about Prohibition Era gangsters (see above), so while it would be surprising a year ago, it wouldn’t be surprising now.

30. What is the most exotic series that you have ever seen (e.g. in terms of location, country of origin or topic)?

Death in Paradise. You can’t get much more exotic than a Caribbean island, right?

And to summarise these 30 questions, in a quick and efficient way: Boardwalk Empire is amazing and I love Chuck.


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