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30 Days TV Series Challenge, days 9-15

The first eight questions can be found in last Sunday’s post.

9. Which series has the best opening credits?

Say what you want about Game of Thrones, those opening credits were pretty cool. Special shout-out to The Kids in the Hall for one of the greatest theme tunes.

10. Which series has the best soundtrack?

Chuck has a fantastic soundtrack! As does Boardwalk Empire, but the latter might be more of an acquired taste.

11. Which series has the best cast?

A well-written and well-directed and well-edited series will only be great if the cast is great, so any number of series can and should be mentioned. I think if I really have to choose, I’d have to go with Ray Donovan, because there were several scenes on that show where I wanted to get up and applaud the actors on their performance. That doesn’t usually happen, even if I love a show. Like Boardwalk Empire has a fantastic ensemble too, but I don’t remember any scenes where I was gobsmacked by the acting in the same way.

12. Which series first aired in the year you were born?

The Young Ones. And others, but I stopped looking when I saw that in the list. I love that show.

13. Which series character do you really hate?

Is there one I really hate, though? I’m trying to think of a character where I’d even go “ughhhh not you again” but … Ohh no, actually, here we go: Pete Campbell (Mad Men) was a pretty garbage human being all around and I’d yeet Aunt Lydia (The Handmaid’s Tale) into the sun without much thought. I mean, sure, all of Gilead, but let’s narrow it down a bit.

I realise now I could have just said Joffrey (Game of Thrones), but that seemed a bit too easy?

14. What is your favourite couple in a series (not necessarily a romantic couple, can also be bromance, female friendship, etc.)?

Bromance: Carver & Herc on The Wire, and Ryan and Esposito on Castle.

Female friendship: Midge and Susie on The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. I kind of like where Norah and Holly end up in Brothers & Sisters as well.

Romantic: Wow, how long have we got? Sarah and Chuck (Chuck). Beckett and Castle (Castle). Sam and Emma and Geoff and Kate and the Buckleys (The Flying Doctors). Delenn and Sheridan (Babylon 5). Midge and Benjamin (The Marvellous Mrs Maisel). Everett and Shade (Private Eyes). Penny and Hugh (The Heart Guy/Doctor Doctor). Donna and Harvey (Suits). Ziva and DiNozzo (NCIS). Brienne and Jaime (Game of Thrones), if we forget large parts of season eight. I’d even throw in Mulder and Scully (The X-Files) here, but I also like them when they’re not a couple.

I love a good ship, me. I also clearly need to watch more stuff that ships non-straight couples, because this list is exceedingly heteronormative.

15. What is your favourite genre? What kind of series do you avoid?

I’m not sure I have a specific genre I favour. I watch a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural, but then I also love a good crime drama, and if we add dramedy to the mix? Romcom? Oh, and I like anything set in the past. I tend to avoid soaps, and and things that are too depressingly real, hence why the only reason I got through The Wire was because of Carver and Herc. I like my escapism.

Check back next Sunday for questions 16-22!


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