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30 Days TV Series Challenge, days 1-8

… but I’m terrible at remembering to do things on a daily basis, so I’ll break it down into weekly segments instead. Thank you to Herba for posting about this! I may have run the list through Google Translate, as the original she posted was in German.

1. What is your favourite series?

I have many, but to copy-paste from this blog’s About page: The Flying Doctors, Chuck, Castle, Boardwalk Empire, The X-Files, Babylon 5, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Time Trax.

2. Which series did you recently watch in full?

Technically Ray Donovan (that’s a surprisingly excellent show, btw), but I’m also currently re-watching Boardwalk Empire, a mere three months after I finished watching it all for the first time.

3. Which series was cancelled too early?

Chuck. Breakout Kings. Starlings. This is Jinsy. Time Trax. Mr & Mrs Smith. I could go on. I would have said the obvious, Firefly, but finding out what the plan was for Inara I’m like … nah. I also think Sleepy Hollow didn’t get the chance it deserved. Season three wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed season four and it showed how it could move forward, and then they axed it.

4. Which popular series do you dislike?

I wouldn’t say dislike as such, but it took sheer willpower and determination to get through The Wire. It really wasn’t my cup of tea at all. It was way too grim and miserable for my liking. My favourite was season four, and it was also heartbreaking. You can’t fault the writing or the acting, and the characters were enjoyable (some more than others), but I just didn’t enjoy it. “Why did you watch it, then?” I’ve heard so much about it over the years and since it’s hailed as one of the best TV series of all time I figured I should at some point. It just so happened that I discovered a new favourite actor to get overenthusiastic about this summer, and he happened to be in it, so that’s why I got around to it finally. Which is just as well, because without him as an incentive, I wouldn’t have made it past the first season.

Oh, hang on. Got another one! Outlander. It sounds like the kind of show I should love (history! Romance! Scenery porn!) but I had to drag myself through the first season. Past episode three or something, I watched hoping it would improve, and then it was a case of “well, I ought to finish the season at least”. I’ve not been back.

5. Which series would you like to forget so that you can watch it again as if it was the first time?

Tricky. Maybe Babylon 5 or Chuck. The former to forget the twists and turns in the plot, the latter to fall in love with Charah all over again.

6. Which series surprised you in a positive way?

Breakout Kings. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, aside from starring New Favourite Actor (it’s why I started watching it), because watching convicts break out of jail and then being returned? (Wait, that kind of sounds like Time Trax …) It turned out to be really enjoyable! The cast is great, the storylines enjoyable, and Lloyd makes me giggle.

A similar thing can be said for Zoo too, actually. I started watching because an actor I like is in some of the episodes, and that show also quickly turned into something I’d watch even without the incentive. Which, in the case of Zoo, was absolutely the case, as he was only in a handful of episodes. We’ll disregard the third and final season.

7. Which series / series idea were you disappointed with?

Psych. I thought the premise sounded good, and it got EIGHT SEASONS. Then I started watching it and was like “why is this not better?” Shawn’s a dick to everyone, Gus is whiny. Iunno. I only got to part-way through the third season before it was taken off Prime Video, so I don’t even know if it improves with time. I was watching it because Zachary Levi is in the film, but the film comes after the show, so I figured I should watch the show first, and now they’re both gone from Prime, FML.

8. What series did you like to watch in your childhood or youth?

Round the Twist. Mirror Mirror. Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left. And, of course, The Flying Doctors. Umm … I was also massively into everything Australian at the time?

Check back next Sunday for questions 9-15!


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