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X-TENded Modern Talking Obsession Test

Second in the series, points 101-200 on signs you’re obsessed with Modern Talking. Last updated: 4 September 2000, and I haven’t updated spelling and grammar mistakes since then. Again, this is a fairly insane list, mainly played for laughs, and no, I didn’t get all points back then. 😛 Some points I really haven’t got a clue what they mean, eg. the spaghetti throwing. WTH? (It might be a reference to something in a piece of fanfic for all I know.) Like the last one, a lot of things are obscure references to song lyrics, music videos, pictures and interviews.

This is the 2nd fun little test you can take, and check out exactly how obsessed you are with Modern Talking… :c)

Instructions: Check all that apply.

  1. After having spent the whole afternoon watching MT on video you can’t eat for like a week.
  2. All statements makes you exclaim happily in an honest “Bullshit!”.
  3. You can’t imagine a day going by without MT music.
  4. You live for the music.
  5. You live thanks to the music.
  6. Everyone *does* have to like MT!
  7. You demand that your friends tell you how you mend a broken heart.
  8. You never say never.
  9. You look at the ocean in a calculating way, to see if you can figure out how deep it is.
  10. You’ve ever run around the neighbourhood throwing spaghetti.
  11. OK, you’re a difficult person.
  12. No one understands you.
  13. You are kind of shy.
  14. Your bible is Dale Carnegie’s “Positive Thinking”.
  15. You definitely believe in a life after death.
  16. Sometimes it’s funnier to fly economy class than first class.
  17. You’ve ever had a real think after listening to “In 100 Years”.
  18. “For Always And Ever” is deep and meaningful. Almost.
  19. You find some table flags and walk over to spin them around.
  20. You buy really green/red lollipops to suck.
  21. Your airplane (even if it’s just a model plane or one folded from a paper) has the registration number D-EJAM.
  22. You have a KORG-synthesizer.
  23. Your piano is a Steinway & Sons.
  24. You have a big Marilyn Monroe poster on your bedroom wall.
  25. You have a cabriolet because that’s the main thing.
  26. You’ve locked your NORA-necklace into a safe.
  27. You set fire to the letters before mailing them.
  28. Marble portals, mirrors and crystal chandeliers are perfect in the living room.
  29. As soon as you see a mixing table you have to go and press all the buttons.
  30. Chess squares is the most gorgeous pattern there is.
  31. You tear open the closet door in hope of finding a Samurai (?) in there… and become dissapointed when that isn’t the case.
  32. You actually find a Samurai in the closet.
  33. You move chairs for people when they try and sit down, crush champagne glasses in wild toasts and push people into lakes.
  34. You ponder that last point and wonder since when this list became a “You Know You’re A C.C. Catch Fan When…” :c)
  35. You try to count the gold records on the wall in Dieter’s studio.
  36. Same as above, only you give up after reaching 58.
  37. All your spare time is used to listen to MT and think of more points for this list.
  38. You’ve used your car as slideshow projector… again.
  39. You scored over 65% in the last test.
  40. Over 70 or 80%?
  41. Over 90%?! (time to get a life, I wonder?)
  42. You wonder what they say in the beginning of “In 100 Years (Reprise)”.
  43. Oh my what a craving you got for steamed fish and lemon sauce now all of a sudden.
  44. You’ve bleeched your hair or dyed it dark brown/black.
  45. German words now have become a part of your everyday life (doesn’t count if you’re German!).
  46. The German Touristboard will send you brouchures about Hamburg and Koblenz.
  47. It’s a penthouse (apartment on the top of a building) or a villa that counts.
  48. You get a best friend with opposite looks and personality/interests.
  49. Your Internet handles speak their own clear MT-language…
  50. You say cheerrfully that there’s no chance of rain at the moment (note the German accent on ‘moment’)… even if it’s pouring down.
  51. “Moment” is pronounced “mååment” (German accent).
  52. It had been really cool to live on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
  53. You’re undercover as a bittersweet broken toy.
  54. The good guys only win in movies (or at least in old old movie scenes).
  55. You’re qualified for love.
  56. You know what Christine is in Polish.
  57. You sadly had to put down your Rottweiler.
  58. You start to understand German even though you don’t know the language.
  59. You wanted to buy a really red/green lollypop, but had to settle on something with more neutral colour instead.
  60. Every time you see a cabriolet/convertible you think “Main thing Cabrio”.
  61. You are/will become a member of the official MT fanclub.
  62. You’ve been to one of the fanclub parties.
  63. DB/TA emails you and recommends you to take a break.
  64. You wouldn’t sink down to the level of knocking on the door of DB/TA’s home.
  65. You’ve actually met MT.
  66. You’ve ever been to a MT concert… or you bloody well haven’t had the chance yet! GRRRR!!!
  67. You’ve ever felt like a Christmas present listening to “You And Me”… er…
  68. You clap your hands to “The Ultimate Non-Stop Mix”.
  69. You connect certain albums with some seasons (eg. The 2nd Album and winter).
  70. You get long hair just so that you can cut it short in about 6-7 years.
  71. You force yourself to read “The Economy of Attention”.
  72. You know all the answers to “About DB/TA” by heart.
  73. You’re gonna see if the library’s got a copy of “The Color Purple”.
  74. You want to watch some movies, so you watch “Out of Africa” and “The Prince of Tides” in a row, without pitstops (peebreaks).
  75. You run to all the nightclubsand discos in Hamburg in hope of bumping in to Dieter…
  76. …Or you don’t go to discos because the lights make your eyes hurt, you get headaches and add to that, they hardly ever play any MT.
  77. You use this list as “What to do today”-inspiration (ouch).
  78. You don’t use drugs – sex and/or music is better.
  79. You get a year’s membership card (?) at the solarium.
  80. Your friends, parents, boy/girlfriends are beginning to get sick and tired of you.
  81. When your (or someone else’s) cello catches fire you become surprised at first and then delighted.
  82. All of a sudden you know the meaning of the phrase “idol worshipping”.
  83. Hearing German being spokne makes you euphoric of happiness.
  84. You wonder what they’re drinking on the landing stage (wharf, bridge) in “Die Legende lebt” (not even light beer/ale has that kind of colour).
  85. MT are so good it hurts to listen to them…
  86. …Which makes you a bona fide MT-masochist. :c)
  87. Your teachers/workmates think it’s fun that you say “Come on everybody, let’s have some fun! WOOOOH!” before each pass has begun…
  88. …But they’re getting tired of it now.
  89. With a hat on your head, a strange expression in your face, and a guitar in your hands you look like a fool as well.
  90. You understand the fun in “X-TENded Purity Test”.
  91. You can ask someone for the direction to Liebfrauenkirche (in German) in the event of you being lost in Koblenz and would happen to bump in to TA on the town.
  92. It takes 20-25 minutes for you to get ready each morning (…yes, if you do it really slowly it counts).
  93. You put up a picture of the spirited and sprightly Dieter (from the YMHYMS’84 video) on the wall to look at every time you feel down.
  94. You’ve got an MT-picture on the wall that you pray to every night before you go to bed.
  95. You begin to listen to the drumrythm in the old songs and drum along.
  96. You’ve ever listened to MT at 3 o’clock in the morning.
  97. You read Pisces and Aquarius horoscopes even if you’re not one yourself.
  98. You take offence when someone calls MT old farts (as in “old men”).
  99. You’re bravely fighting your dislike of Mercedes cars.
  100. You either wonder what tha hell “Scampi” is… or you think it’s SUPER GUT!

To be continued… (I did mention it would be a serial. 😛 Got about 6 parts still to go!)


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