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The Original Modern Talking Obsession Test

For old times sakes… a list of “You know you’re a Modern Talking fan when” type thing which I begun some time in 2000, and managed to get up to about 750 points. I thought I’d make a serial of it! 😉 I’ll let the grammar and spelling errors stand uncorrected. Let’s leave it as a legacy of good times gone by and let’s travel back in time… and in case you were wondering, most of the points are obscure references to TV interviews, pictures, song lyrics or music videos, and the vast majority of them are played for laughs as opposed to being something someone would actually really do. I just thought I’d point that out, because the list goes more and more insane the longer it gets…

This is the 1st fun little test you can take, and check out exactly how obsessed you are with Modern Talking… :c)

Instructions: Check all that apply…

  1. You know who C.C. Catch is.
  2. All of a sudden you see many many CD’s from BMG (a record company you previously didn’t know existed).
  3. The money that’s been left over since you’ve bought all the albums end up in Germany in some strange way. ;c)
  4. You can watch ZTV 4 hours in a row hoping to see “Sexy Sexy Lover”.
  5. Modern Talking look-alikes appear in stories you’re writing…
  6. Helium balloons are fun.. especially if you yell “Geronimo’s Cadillac!”.
  7. You’ve become a regular at a big record store.
  8. You develop eccentricities, like for instance translating all the lyrics into Swedish.
  9. You burst out in singing with a high-pitched voice at least three times a day.
  10. When your friends are out somewhere and hear MT being played they instantly think of you.
  11. Someone says “touché!” and you reply “Where, where?” or go into technicalities like “yes, that’s a boyband Dieter’s producing”.
  12. When someone’s mobile phone rings and you point at it and say “Hollywood”.
  13. You start to think the 80:es was quite OK after all.
  14. The mere thought of meeting MT makes your knees turn to spaghetti… and you get nauseous in pure nervosity.
  15. You get a silly smile after watching a Modern Talking music video.
  16. You almost start to defend MT’s music videos from the 80:es when someone calls them low-budget.
  17. You realize what a song writing machine Dieter is.
  18. Songs with other artists/groups would’ve sound much better with Thomas behind the microphone.
  19. You dream that you meet MT in genuinely strange places (like school)… and to top it all off, you dream that Dieter can talk fluent Swedish.
  20. You despise songs with meaningful lyrics.
  21. You give your children/pets names like Dieter, Thomas, Charlene, Sheila, Lai, Angie, BMG, etc.
  22. The phone number information service still don’t want to connect you to 6 0 9.
  23. You find out where Shaire is and book your next holiday there.
  24. You take lessons in the German language.
  25. You’re thinking about moving to Koblenz and/or Los Angeles.
  26. You’re tired of Eric Singleton.
  27. You actually realize the quality of the lyrics, but you shrug and continue to sing along happily.
  28. Maybe Germany isn’t that bad after all…
  29. The German phone number information service don’t believe in the least that you’re DB or TA’s long lost cousin.
  30. You invest in un-subtitled video tapes in Russian and/or German just because MT’s on them.
  31. You’re short of a live CD in your collection… argh! So you connect the stereo with the video and make one yourself.
  32. And instumental CD wouldn’t be that bad, actually…
  33. You wonder what Dieter’s been taking to always look so d*rn happy (Viagra?).
  34. Modern Talking dolls! You’ve got them!
  35. You can look bored with style!
  36. You’re overtaken by an unresistable desire to spin some flags around sometimes…
  37. You’re speculating over the obvious fire-and-glass bulb fetishism.
  38. You’re laughing uncontrollably every time you see the video of “Geronimo’s Cadillac”.
  39. You see a Cadillac somewhere and go to it and ask the driver if he/she is called Geronimo.
  40. There are still no rainbows coming out of your car… hmmm… no bows/rosettes either, too.
  41. You say “Brozher Louie” (German accent, that is) now.
  42. You can’t play ludo without pushing down all the markers, including your own.
  43. You set fire to the radio and the clock (and the cello, if you’ve got one) without further consideration.
  44. You run away from home in hope of finding a crumpled newspaper page on a man in the street with the text “Modern Talking are in town”.
  45. On the question “What do you earn?” you reply “Good question, next?”.
  46. Your Nokia mobile phone’s calling signal sounds just like the one Dieter’s got.
  47. You can get ugly yellow sunglasses as well if you want to.
  48. You wouldn’t have chosen Tokio in one of those automats.
  49. Lip gloss is cool.
  50. You start to do black magic, voodoo and such, to get MT to your country.
  51. The auto-reply message on MT’s guestbook makes you happy, and you try to impress your friends with one of those emails from Thomas Anders.
  52. You spread wise words like “on your way you will see, life is more than fantasy” around you.
  53. You write to Mariah Carey just to ask her how it was to meet D&T.
  54. You can, unlike your siblings, know the diffeence between an early Bonnie Tyler and MT.
  55. You start to believe that your in MTSI member number is kind of a universal number (ATM machine, door code, meaning of life, phone no., social security no.).
  56. Seeing MT (on TV) on the Moscow airport inspires you to do something. If they ever get here, that is.
  57. You look for Chinatown in every city to find someone whose love is d-d-d-danger.
  58. You make 7th February and 1st March national flagging days.
  59. You like Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” too.
  60. You always walk barefoot at home.
  61. You play golf, but are a poor player.
  62. You name your house Rosengarten.
  63. You can’t see a taxi without starting to sing “Taxi Girl”.
  64. It’s impossible to send telegrams to someone’s heart, love, mind, or soul – because you’ve tried.
  65. You believe in God, but have (alternatively) problems with the Catholic church.
  66. You’ve seen “Stockholm Marathon”.
  67. You work your a** off trying to find really big posters.
  68. You’ve got a date with an angel.
  69. You get something religious in your eyes every time someone mentions MT or any other damn thing that can be linked to having something to do with MT.
  70. Your girlfriend’s called Nadja or Claudia.
  71. Your boyfriend’s called Dieter or Thomas.
  72. You look happy. All the time.
  73. You know what brand of toilet paper Dieter uses.
  74. You know what DB or TA’s middle names is.
  75. You know that “Thomas Anders” is an alias.
  76. You know Thomas Anders’ real name.
  77. You leave secret messages of rendez-vous.
  78. Where the hell do you get 10 000 drums?!
  79. You’ve once ridden on a white swan.
  80. After all the swans, doves, albatrosses and nightingales you’ve almost become a bit interested in birds.
  81. You think you can spot the dollar signs in Dieter’s eyes.
  82. In a moment of extreme spaced out-ishness you become a pacifist and spread flowers around you, preaching about peace on earth.
  83. You sing “Give Me Peace On Earth” to some (poor?) plant to make it grow better.
  84. It’s trendy to look tired (esp. at press conferences).
  85. You call your brother Louie… just for fun.
  86. You relate everything to MT’s lyrics.
  87. You call your friends and appologuise for something that happened over ten years ago.
  88. The only friends you’ve got are the ones you’ve got to know in “mt-members” on E-groups.
  89. Your starting page on the Internet is MTSI.
  90. You can quote “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” in at least five different languages.
  91. You ask someone who knows Russian to translate what the damn speaker voice says on “MT live in Moscow”.
  92. You deliberately miss the greatest party in the world because there’s something on TV with MT then. Or there *might* be.
  93. Only love can break your heart.
  94. You’ve seen “Moltke”.
  95. You dream about MT at least once a month.
  96. You’ve started to collect Thomas’ solo- and Dieter’s Blue System-albums.
  97. Your desktop theme is awesome! MT-now-and-then as background image, and MT as system sounds!
  98. An alley with drooping roses just feel… right in some way…
  99. You’ve been to every MT site on the Internet and you’ve saved every image and sound/video you’ve been able to find.
  100. You understand EVERY point on this list! (oooh, you should be very worried if you do!)

Last time this list was updated: 4 September 2000, and I believe I scored most (no, decidedly NOT all!) of these at the time… now I’m not even sure I know what all of these points are referring to!

To be continued…


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