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Ready For Insanity – The 3rd Modern Talking Obsession Test

Third in the series, points 201-300 on signs you’re obsessed with Modern Talking. Last updated: 4 September 2000, and I haven’t updated spelling and grammar mistakes since then. Again, this is a fairly insane list, mainly played for laughs, and no, I didn’t get all points back then. 😛 Like the previous ones, a lot of things are obscure references to song lyrics, music videos, pictures and interviews.

This is the 3rd fun little test you can take, and check out exactly how obsessed you are with Modern Talking… :c)

Instructions: Check all that apply.

  1. You revel in World War II documentaries and German TV-shows just to hear German.
  2. You have/wish you had German MTV.
  3. All your phonecalls go to the Modern Talking [Fanclub] Hotline.
  4. You have a pair of black sunglasses that you wear like all the time.
  5. You don’t see anything wrong in walking around with a guitar all the time and play a chord every once in a while.
  6. You collect really spaced out MT-photos.
  7. You take the letter about ©opyright so seriously that you ask before putting out pictures on your site.
  8. You’re happy when your tulips are blossoming.
  9. “Shit happens” is a good way to answer a question.
  10. When someone says “was” (vass) you’re quick to reply “Helium”.
  11. High-pitched singing is an underestimated artform.
  12. You’ve ever become a victim of real MT-withdrawal [symptoms].
  13. You’ve ever exclaimed a loud “Let’s have sex!” in a public place.
  14. Your friends are beginning to wonder why you always have to spin around all table flags.
  15. You’ve talked to another MTSI member on the phone…
  16. …More than once?
  17. …More than twice?
  18. …With different people?
  19. You’ve met another MTSI member IRL.
  20. You persist in playing Bohlen-productions and TA solo on the radio.
  21. Shortenings like DB, TA, MT, and ES mean something to you.
  22. The official MT fanclub is the first club you’ve ever paid to join.
  23. The official MT fanclub is the first OFFICIAL fanclub you’ve ever joined.
  24. You tune in to 98,7 MHz on the radio in hope of hearing MT.
  25. You can actually receive 98,7 on your FM dial.
  26. You try an Octoberfest even though you don’t like beer.
  27. C.C. Catch isn’t good with a rapper (Krayzee, not Eric S) either.
  28. It says “Hallo, Dieter!” in your German book, which makes you terribly cheerful.
  29. You borrow learn-German-easy material (tape+book) at the library.
  30. You chat with people in a non-MT chat and you get awfully impressed when someone says they’re from Germany.
  31. When someone asks you to sing a Christmas carol is the first one you can think of “It’s Christmas”.
  32. The X-Files episode “Teso Dos Bichos” (3X18) makes you think spontaneously of C.C. Catch.
  33. Your favourite colour is blue.
  34. You bathe with your clothes on.
  35. People think you want to hug when all you do is pretending to be an airplane.
  36. You’ve ever posed in front of a camera laying on a zebra-striped fake fur.
  37. Your friend tells you to stop licking him/her in the ear.
  38. …Or at least stop doing it on photos.
  39. You want to mailbomb everyone who’s MT-hostile in newsgroups.
  40. You want to throw yourself in front of a train or something every time you hear the “Who Will Save The World” chorus.
  41. You’ve read the list of MT pickup lines.
  42. You’ve ever tried an MT pickup line.
  43. …And it worked?
  44. You dream of singing a duet with TA.
  45. You dream of being produced by DB.
  46. You’ve ever started to sing MT because it had “become too quiet”.
  47. You know more about DB&TA than they do themselves.
  48. You like spicy hot food.
  49. You ate Chili con carne for dinner today.
  50. You have a copy of Dieter’s passport on your computer.
  51. You’ve ever discussed the looks of DB/TA, Claudia, Nadja, Nora, Verona, Erica, and Eric S with an MSS (member of same sex).
  52. You’ve ever discussed the looks of DB/TA, Claudia, Nadja, Nora, Verona, Erica, and Eric S with an MOS (member of opposite sex).
  53. You’re almost starting to like Eric Singleton again.
  54. Newspaper headlines like “Trash fights – trash makes up again” isn’t showing of good judgement and professional journalism.
  55. You’ve ever tried to get a girl/guy using the words: (if you’re male) “You can’t have DB/TA, but you can have the next best – me”, or (if you’re female) “I’m neither Nadja nor Claudia, and I’m definitely not a Nora, but I can be your Midnight Lady”.
  56. You’re sure that DB isn’t behind Cher’s “Strong Enough”, since it doesn’t contain any birds, rainbows, Hollywood nights, broken toys, souvenirs, golden rules, 10000 drums, old movie scenes, or frozen tears. And it’s not too hot to stop either.
  57. You know what Thomas’ golf handicap is.
  58. You can figure out what songs Dieter’s done just by looking at the titles.
  59. You’ve contributed with points to this list.
  60. You’ve been walking in rhyme with the music… now again.
  61. You don’t eat much meat.
  62. You happen to know a few things about wine (doesn’t matter what).
  63. Everyone that you know says you don’t have a life, but you claim that you do. For always and ever, because anything is possible… especially in Shaire…
  64. You just CAN’T GET ENOUGH of MT.
  65. Ever thought of MT the last thing you did before falling asleep at night?
  66. Ever thought of MT the first thing you did before waking up in the morning?
  67. People wonder why you have your fingers in your ears (I mean, it can never be so that you can hear your walkman better).
  68. You thought this was the last point. (hahaha!)
  69. The men in white coats have returned to your neighbourhood again.
  70. You’ve ever been to Hamburg and/or Koblenz and/or L.A.
  71. …To look for Rosengarten and the Anders residence…?
  72. …No other reason than that?
  73. You wonder what that golden rule is.
  74. You’ve tried to walk on water.
  75. And succeeded?
  76. You think you should put out a zebra-striped sofa in the desert as well.
  77. You’ve started to get tired of that photo model that appears in every damn video.
  78. Strange how reality seem to freeze and you’re the only one who can move normally.
  79. Are you sure there will be a fourth purity test?
  80. You’ve noticed how bored Thomas looks in the first chorus of the YANA-video.
  81. Ever sat on the staircase gesticulating?
  82. You wonder if MT hitched a lift with that lorry or something.
  83. Chosen Evian before all the other bottled water brands without knowing why?
  84. Commented on how young Dieter looks in the SSL-video?
  85. You know what acronyms like YMHYMS, YANA, SSL, and suchlike means.
  86. You know French… or at least some of it…
  87. You’re really cool in pronouncing Spanish and Russian words even though you don’t actually speak those languages.
  88. You can hardly recognise C.C. Catch on “now-and-then” pictures (what’s that got to do with MT?).
  89. You’re starting to think there’s too much C.C. Catch on this list.
  90. You spontaneously don’t like women named Nora.
  91. Thought that the first thing you will do when you succeed with astral body projection is to visit MT-concerts.
  92. You send electronic postcards with MT-quotes as greeting.
  93. Someone asks you what you want to be in the future, and you answer with the chorus a song (eg. “Sweet Little Sheila”, “Romantic Warriors”, “Sexy Sexy Lover”. Whatever you find appropriate for the occasion).
  94. You start copying DB/TA’s body language.
  95. You try to learn that superherrlich TA-look.
  96. When you tape a song, you press RECORD in the beginning and STOP in the end, and that’s it.
  97. You fear every phonebill (done some Internettin’ have we?)…
  98. Your friends know everything about MT… because you talk about them all the time.
  99. You can’t wait for the next album!!!
  100. You understand ALL the points (honestly) of this list as well!

The passport thing I actually remember something about: I have a vague recollection of someone having a scanned in copy of Dieter’s passport on his computer, which he had received from someone who used to work at an airport or something like that. That was a bit weird and a half!

Point 95 is what first attracted me to MT, aside from the songs themselves and point 97 is so retro it’s cute. 🙂


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