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Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn first trailer

Nothing to do with Wuthering Heights, but this is too exciting not to post about! It’s the trailer for the forthcoming Tintin movie. Tintin is a young, Belgian reporter and the film is based on the comic books by Hergé, which is something I’ve grown up with. Have read each and every single one of them, many times, so this is quite exciting! Here it is:

My first thought was “well, I’m not keen on the animated Milou” (Snowy in English) … and then I realised that actually, the whole thing is animated. I thought it was meant to be a live action thing? Apparently not. Oh well. A computer animated take on Tintin might actually work better than a live action thing anyway.

It’s not the same as the Swedish audio recordings where Tomas Bolme is Tintin and Åke Lindström as Captain Haddock who shouts “bomber och granater!” … but it will do. At least it fills me with less trepidation than the forthcoming Smurfs movie

Are you familiar with Tintin? Are you looking forward to the movie? What do you think of the trailer?


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5 thoughts on “Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn first trailer

  1. When I was younger I used to watch the English Tintin series that was first around in the early nineties. I loved it, and read a few of the comics, although I haven’t had much to do with it recently.
    But the film looks pretty exciting: I like the animation style, and from the trailer it looks like it might be alright 🙂


  2. I agree! I was half-expecting not to like it, but now that I have listened to it with sound as well … wow, it seems great! 😀 It’s set to come out around Christmas, I think, so a few months to go, but still. Was happy to hear Haddock have the sort of voice I would expect him to have. The only downside is that I’d be watching it in English, so the characters are called different things! Not just Milou/Snowy, there’s also the Dupond/Dupont twins which are Thomson/Thompson in English, and so on.

  3. We definitely will be going to see TinTin at the cinema. OH loved the comic books as a child. I like the new trailer.

  4. It does look surprisingly good. 🙂 It was made with the same sort of motion capture technique that was used on The Polar Express, apparently, so not a straight computer animation.

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