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That’s just RUDE!

Some time ago, I ordered two books by Emma Tennant. The first one came pretty much straight away, the second only arrived yesterday, as it had to come all the way from across the pond. And now what? IT’S THE SAME BLOODY BOOK! It just has two different titles! Okay, so a couple of books at £0.01 (+ £2.75 p&p) each isn’t a lot, but it still annoys me. I was looking forward to reading two different books, and instead, I have one book with two different titles and two different covers. Only wanted the one. 🙁

For reference, these are the culprits: The French Dancer’s Bastard and Thornfield Hall. The latter has even been published under a third title, Adèle. FFS, pick a title and stick with it!

What it’s about? It’s Jane Eyre from Adèle’s point of view. Supposedly. I’m not that far into the book and the introduction had me questioning it and so far, I’m not terribly impressed. She’s very eloquent for a young child, Tennant gets basic facts wrong, and things along those lines. I much preferred Pemberley. Maybe that’s why a lot of people were selling them cheap on Amazon’s Marketplace?

Next time, must remember to research things better. On the plus side, one of them can always be used as a giveaway here! But that’ll have to wait until I’ve finished it, so stay tuned if you’re interested.


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4 thoughts on “That’s just RUDE!

  1. Did you have to start reading it to find out ?was the same book? It doesn’t look like there is an alternate title note on the cover. Did you get it from Amazon? I would complain to the vendor for sure as that is like false advertising!
    As far as the titles go “The French Dancer’s Bastard” is certainly the catchiest. But I’ll bet they changed it for the American audience to the more boring title. LOL

  2. Technically it’s not false advertising, because both titles are widely available and there was no info available to suggest they were the same book. I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere before that there were some Emma Tennant books with different titles – I think “Pemberley” is one of them, actually. Or some other P&P-related story she’s made. So I should’ve researched it before ordering. Oh well, at the price of one penny (plus postage), it would be silly to kick up a fuss.

    I didn’t start reading it. I just opened the packaging and read the back, thought “what, she’s written TWO books about Adèle… that sound veeeery similar in description?”, started flicking through the bits I had read and discovered it was the same text.

    According to http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/t/emma-tennant/ “Adèle” was published in 2000, tFDB in 2006 and TH in 2007. There’s nothing there to suggest it’s the exact same book, other than it has similar plot descriptions. Bleagh.

  3. This sounds like a mission for John Porter….send him in to break in a few doors to get to the bottom of this! and make sure he is wearing a tight t-shirt while doing this and get it on tape and squee!
    Seriously…that is not cool…shaking my fist at the vendor in your honour!

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