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Friday newsreel

Might just make a habit of commenting on the news on Fridays. Kinda fun! … Even though it’s Saturday by the time I write this, as I was catching up on Lost earlier tonight. Speaking of Lost, this season is a bit confusing still but it’s getting there, slowly.

First off is the fab Emma Thompson in the Daily Mail, talking about being a mum, having the same driver as Kate Moss – causing the paparazzi to be very disappointed when the actress appears instead of the supermodel! If I had been a paparazzi, it would be the other way around. How can a supermodel compare with the Prime Minister’s sister? Elinor Dashwood? Beatrice? Professor Trelawney? (To name but a few.) She also criticises the “size zero” ideal in the film industry. Oh, why can’t we elect this woman as prime minister in the upcoming election? She’d be awesome!
Read more: ‘Put some weight on girls!’ Emma Thompson on Hollywood’s obsession with skinny starlets

Speaking of skinny, there are two interesting articles about weight loss on the same website. One talks about a woman who underwent hypnotherapy to believe she had been fitted with a gastric band, and how she dropped three dress sizes in five months. She weighed “nearly 12 stone”. I’d be quite happy to weigh “nearly 12 stone”… I lost about 10 kg / 20 lbs / 1.5 stone (pick whatever measure you’re comfortable with) last year. Now I seem to have put it all back on again. 🙁 Hypnotherapy is good, though; the power of the mind is incredible, and I’ve been thinking of it. Worth looking into, because dieting can be harmful to your health! Apparently, scientists have discovered that dieting causes increased levels of stress hormones in your body, which in turn leads to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Operations are too scary, so maybe a mental gastric band is the way forward?
Read more: I lost 3st after being hypnotised into thinking I had gastric band and Dieting really CAN harm your health: Slimmers at higher risk of heart disease and cancer

Then there’s the whole Icelandic volcano issue, which is interesting. Read lots of Wikipedia articles about related things, finding articles about other volcanos, the difference between a caldera and a crater and that when the one that’s going off now, it normally sets off another one nearby, which would have more widespread impact on the planet than just a few grounded flights. If Katla blows, we might be in for another Year without summer (Tambora, 1815) or the jolly events of Laki in 1783. Don’t mess with Mother Nature, because she’ll always win.

On a more positive note, the first election debate has been shown on TV with 9.4 million viewers, and most people seem to agree that Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats won that one. Perhaps now people will go from “a vote for the Lib Dems is a wasted vote because they’re never going to come into power anyway” to actually being the second or even the biggest party in the UK. Interesting times!

The Glastonbury Festival lineup has been revealed. Not that I’m planning on going.

Speaking of song and dance, Daniel Radcliffe is going to be in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway next year. Sounds like a comedy. I think he’d be a decent comedy actor. He’s a funny guy and he can do comedy really well – Harry’s luck potion high in HP6 really cracks me up! Can he sing and dance? Haven’t got a clue. Well, at least he can act.
Read more: Daniel Radcliffe to sing and dance in Broadway musical

Oh yes, and Steven Seagal has been sued for sexual assault. Buddhists say living is suffering … Speaking of suffering, Whitney Houston got mixed reviews for her first UK performance in … er, a while. Finishing off, the South Park guys (Trey Parker & Matt Stone) are going to write a Broadway musical. About Mormons. Mmm, I smell a suit coming their way. Not one of those Mormon suits. A lawsuit. They’ve teamed up with some of the people behind Avenue Q, so the results will be interesting for sure…

For the weird story of the week – if you’ve not had enough already – here’s one: one numpty of a learner driver managed to flip the car over on her second lesson. Jaysus. I got my license last year and if I was doing something that was potentially dangerous, my instructor would just slam on the breaks – they are double-controlled after all! So how the instructor let that happen is pretty incredible.

Have a nice weekend – over and out!


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4 thoughts on “Friday newsreel

  1. I love Desmond. LOVE him.

    I know he’s gotten kind of…”slouchy”, but this has been the only season of Lost where I find Jack even remotely attractive.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone have already made a movie about Mormons, or rather a young Mormon man who becomes an adult film star, if you can imagine that combination.

  2. Emma Thompson is fab! <3

    And so is Desmond! 😉

    I think Jack is too whiny, but yes, he seems to be looking awright this season.

    Didn’t know about the movie, but I’ve seen their South Park episode about the Mormons. It was very funny. 🙂

  3. I love “Lost” but haven’t had the chance to watch this season yet. I will have to do some catching up!

    As for those South Park guys… I’m LDS, aka: Mormon. Although no group of people likes to be stereotyped or made fun of based on their race, religious views, gender, etc… it happens anyway. I don’t mind a little poking fun, but it does bother me when people believe rumors that aren’t true. (Such as the polygamy myth, something that isn’t practiced amongst LDS members… although it might come in handy to have an extra person around for cooking and cleaning only… and by that extra person, I mean a man of course. 🙂 haha.) Okay, end of my shpill!

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