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Team Rochester vs Team Heathcliff

Right now, it’s all Team Edward vs Team Jacob*. But 150 years or so ago, Charlotte and Emily Brontë created two of the most fabulous male leads ever. But which one is the best?

You decide…

Team Rochester

Well, it’s got to be Rochester, hasn’t it? Or Edward Fairfax Rochester, if we’re giving him his terribly posh full name. He’s not the traditional type of hero. Instead of talk, dark and handsome, he’s medium-height, dark and really quite ugly (although every actor who’s ever played him has been gorgeous). He spends a lot of Jane Eyre being REALLY grumpy too. There’s a reason for this and I’m absolutely not going to reveal why because it would spoil the book. But as well as being a bit snappy, Rochester can be a bit of a trickster too. He likes a laugh. Oh, and he makes the best entrance ever, galloping out of the mist and into the pages of Jane Eyre on a massive, rearing horse. Top marks, Rochester.

Team Heathcliff

No, no, no. I think you’ll find that Heathcliff is way better. And FYI, it’s just Heathcliff. Whether it’s his first name or his surname, no one knows. How totally cool is that? He’s plucked from goodness knows where by Mr Earnshaw and plonked in the middle of a family that isn’t very welcoming – apart from Cathy, who charms him and winds him up. Is it any wonder he’s miserable, brooding and especially good at getting the hump?

And as for galloping about on a stallion, Heathcliff doesn’t have time for such nonsense. He’s far too busy plotting revenge and winning his true love. And how romantic is that?

* I’m Team Edward, by the way. Red-haired vampires rock.

Kay Woodward was born in Barrow-in-Furness, and attended the University of Brighton where she studied for a BA in Applied Language. She writes both under her maiden name, Kay Barnham, and har married name, Kay Woodward. She is an established author, famous for writing many Frederick Waren Flower Fairies titles, as well as books for the BBC, Puffin and Scholastic. Her first teen novel, Jane Airhead, was published by Andersen Press in 2009. She now lives in Hampshire with her husband and daughter.

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16 thoughts on “Team Rochester vs Team Heathcliff

  1. As someone pointed out on Twitter – Rochester is kind to dogs. And women. (Those who disagree, go read Jane Eyre’s Husband by Tara Bradley and THEN we can talk!) And children. And people in general.

    I feel a graphic coming on, yay.

  2. Update re: Twitter, we have three more votes for Heathcliff and *annoyingly long drumroll* three more for Rochester! Which means that SO FAR…

    Team Heathcliff 4 v Team Rochester 6

  3. I bags be on Rochester’s team! No contest, I’m afraid!
    (Btw, Kay, my house overlooks the University of Brighton – Mithras House).

  4. Team Rochester all the way! I never saw the appeal of Heathcliff, nor of Wuthering Heights in general.

  5. Rochester. Sure, he’s a bit manipulative and plotting, but he tempers it with a surprising tenderness and passion. And he actually rues his actions in the end, which Heathcliff never seems to do. Heathcliff strikes me as terribly narcissistic. But Heathcliff fans would probably argue that it’s his narcissism and lack of conscience that makes him better for some reason. I never understood the reasoning of Heathcliff fans…

  6. Duuuude, no!

    Rochester all the way.

    When Jane rejected Rochester he just sulked at home, tried to save the life of the miserable wife who ruined his happiness with Jane, and then retired to a country manor to live in grief.

    Heathcliff married someone else and made her life a misery, and did his best to ruin the people around him.

    Not cool, man. Not cool.

  7. Definitely team Rochester for all the points that have been raised by If by Yes and Lit Lover

  8. Edward Fairfax Rochester for me! I’ve tried to read Wuthering Heights numerous times but I could never finish it because it is so depressing and I dislike the characters. Heathcliff is a mad man and he is horrible to everyone. At least Edward, despite all his flaws loves Jane for who she is and he is deeply passionate and romantic. Love him.

  9. I love him too, and think he’s all the better for being flawed. Heathcliff, on the other hand, isn’t so much a flawed character as he is one big flaw. Oh well, at least it has us talking about him 165 years later, eh? 😉

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