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Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston (1990)

TV film review: Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston (1990), directed by Jerrold Freedman

One thing I love about having a Sky subscription is the fact that it has those rarely watched channels True Movies and True Movies 2. The only time I watch those channels are when I discover they’re showing something featuring some actor I like, which isn’t very often, but it happens. This would be one of those occasions.

Goodnight Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston is a TV movie from 1990, based on a true story, starring Ken Olin and Anabella Price. It’s the story about a man, Charles Stuart (Olin) who seems to live a very nice life. His wife (Price) is pregnant and things sound all around peachy. Except, of course, Charles is perhaps not as thrilled by the prospect of a baby and eventually plots to kill his missus. Like you do.

Also starring Margaret Colin as Michelle Caruso, James Handy as McQuiggan, Michael C Gwynne as Connors, Bruce McGill as O’Meara, Carl Anthony Payne II as DeWayne, and BD Wong as Kim Tan.

We don’t know everything from the beginning, so it’s a find out more as you go along type of story. Some journalists think there’s a bit of a hole in the story about a man with a perfect alibi and Charles is trying to pin the blame on an innocent black man, causing a justified upheaval in the community.

Soo … is it any good? ‘S awright. Seen worse. Didn’t exactly expect it to be an Oscar-winning movie. Ken Olin was super creepy and gorgeous at the same time, so that’s fine?

2.5 out of 5 cars.


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