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Another Wuthering Heights in production

I was searching IMDb for info about Wuthering Heights ’98 as I was going to review it, and while doing so, came across the entry for Wuthering Heights (2010), which is currently in pre-production, apparently. Yet another version, and this one just a year after the last one?!

Says it will be shot in Scotland and Ireland and star Gemma Arterton as Cathy and Ed Westwick as Heathcliff. So, who are these people? Let’s have a look.

Gemma was Lizzie Bennet in the wonderful Lost in Austen, Bond-girl Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace and Tess in the 2008 adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Young Ed Westwick has had a few roles here and there, but the biggest one seems to be that of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl.

How well will they portray Emily Brontë’s time-tested passionate couple? We’ll have to wait and see. Personally, I’m more looking forward to the new Jane Eyre than this one.

EDIT Feb 2022: Turns out the casting was completely changed and it came out a year later: Wuthering Heights (2011).


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4 thoughts on “Another Wuthering Heights in production

  1. WHAT!? Why do they keep making adaptations of the same stories over and over again?
    I liked Gemma Arterton in “Lost in Austen” and “Tess of the D’Urbervilles.” (Although… holy cow, what a depressing story “Tess” is!)

  2. Another Wuthering Heights? Like the sucker that i am i’ll be looking out for it, but man, it’s not it’s the only book out there to adapt. It’s starting to feel like groundhog day.

  3. @Avalon: Thank you! 😀 I’m working on a post about it. Just need to figure out who to pass them on to who haven’t already got them! 🙂

    @Nat: I never finished watching “Tess”, so I don’t really know where the story ends up, but from the bits I saw, it wasn’t terribly cheerful. I just remember Hans Matheson being a rather creepy character! And to think he was so sweet as Yuri in “Dr. Zhivago”!

    @Ragtag: Oh indeed. It’s one of those things where it’s “of course I’m going to have to watch it on principle” but I’d much rather see another Brontë adaptation than yet another WH – or even JE for that matter. How about Agnes Grey? Shirley? Villette? Tenant hasn’t been done to death yet either. I mean, with Jane Austen, at least they’ve started to diversify a little bit – ITV didn’t re-make P&P, S&S or Emma, no, they went for the more obscure ones, and well done to them for it, even if their Persuasion was godawful!

    What next, why not rub it in and re-make North & South as well while they’re at it? *shudders at the mere thought* Although I suppose Gaskell isn’t on par with Austen or the Brontës when it comes to international fame. I couldn’t even locate there having ever been a Swedish translation of N&S! (Shocking, I know!) RA will always be the #1 Thornton. 🙂

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