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Wuthering Heights (1978)

TV miniseries review: Wuthering Heights (1978), directed by Peter Hammond

Haunting the moors: Ken Hutchison as Heathcliff, Kay Adshead as Cathy, Brian Wilde as Joseph, Pat Heywood as Ellen Dean, John Duttine as Hindley Earnshaw, David Robb as Edgar Linton, and Cathryn Harrison as Catherine Linton.

I managed all five episodes! … While spending most time either on my laptop or scrubbing the kitchen. Yes – cleaning was more interesting! Five parts and my gods it was tedious. The story in itself is weird and … weird. We know this already. At least they managed to make it watchable in its most recent incarnation.

There were several times where I just wanted to switch it off and put on something completely different, no matter what. Even Hostage, and by golly that’s an awful film!

Was the script bad? I honestly don’t know, I was too bored to notice. Scenography? Gloomy. Actors? Alright. (OOOH SPOOKS TRAILER ON TELLY!!) Aww, pants, it was just a teaser with text saying it’s coming soon. Oh well.) Yeah, the actors in Wuthering Heights were okay and all, but the characters were mental. Not just Heathcliff, ALL OF THEM. Especially Cathy.

Didn’t enjoy the story and was quite happy to switch the DVD off, although I persevered. Even when disc one was finished. I thought “shalt I suffer the rest?” and decided that oh, whatever. I might as well. Helped that it was two episodes left and not three, as well. Still, at least I got some cleaning done in the mean time. It was actually rather tolerable to have on in the background. Sitting down and watching it? Hell no.

1.5 out of 5 moors.


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