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Wedding Daze (2006)

Film review: Wedding Daze (2006), written and directed by Michael Ian Black

It’s one of those films. You know, the sort of film that has bold, red letters to tell you the title on the poster or DVD cover. Snore.

Romantic Anderson (Jason Biggs, the guy from the American Pie franchise) is head over heels in love with his girlfriend Vanessa (Audra Blaser). Best friend Ted (Michael Weston) strongly advises against it, but Anderson still goes ahead and proposes. Vanessa has a heart attack (!) and dies on the spot.

Some time passes, and while in a diner Ted reckons it’s time for Anderson to pick himself up and go back on the dating scene. Anderson responds by spontaneously proposing to the waitress, Katie (Isla Fisher), who spontaneously decides to accept.

So now two perfect strangers have to get to know one another, introduce themselves to their respective parents (one of which is played by Joe Pantoliano, whom I really like), and decide whether or not getting married on a whim is a good thing or not.

If the description has been a little sketchy, it’s because I honestly can’t remember the details very well a few weeks after having seen the film. Memorable? Yeah, not so much?

The concept of asking a stranger to marry you on a whim and then living happily ever after is a cute idea for a film, and while the film is technically only about them getting engaged on a whim and then spending the rest of the film starting to get cute, then break up, only to be reunited again at the end and then getting around to what’s possibly a happily ever after, it never quite seems to gel properly.

It’s not bad, as such, but it’s certainly not good either. It has some funny-ish bits to it, but for the most part, it’s fairly unimaginative and bland, sadly. It relies on stereotype comedy a lot (Jews, gays, bohemian friends) and it doesn’t feel particularly realistic. From the heart attack, to the over-the-top waiter trying to pick up Vanessa.

I wish I really liked this film, but it’s just kinda meh. I expected a little bit more of it.

2 out of 5 toasters.


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Daze (2006)

  1. Same here, Traxy. It had a great cast but certain scenes were so over the top it was uncomfortable to watch. Definitely not a worthwhile movie to bother watching. (And I love romcoms btw)

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