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Towel Day

It’s that time of year again!


When I have anything interesting to report about this, I will. I shall update this post a bit later and reminisce about the past six years of celebrating Towel Day. Actually, sod it, I’ll just copy what I sent in to the Towel Testimonials page on the official Towel Day website a few years ago:

It was a day like any other. I had been watching TV for some time and then finally decided to do something more constructive with my day, so I switched it off, and picked up my mobile phone. That’s when I got an SMS from a friend in England: “Douglas Adams is dead”. I asked the standard questions, and was told what had happened. I was in shock, went straight to the computer, and closed down my two websites in memorandum. Later that night, my mother and I were preparing dinner, and I told her I had got an SMS from my friend, and then I started crying. She thought something had happened to my friend’s family, but I told her “Douglas Adams is dead!”. She looked at me and said “Who?”, and when I told her who he was she pointed out that I didn’t know him personally and all that, but it somehow didn’t matter. For a lot of fans, that didn’t matter. We had lost Douglas and were in shock and mourning.

There was talk on the Internet of a Towel Day in remembrance of him, set to May 25, and the thought of NOT participating never even crossed my mind. Of course I would pay my tribute! Thus, I walked around with a towel in my
school bag for I think the end of the semester. Not displayed all the time, but it was there.

In 2002, I was going to Vänersborg to meet up with some friends on May 25, and I had a towel lying around my neck on the train. People looked, but I didn’t care. At the train station in Vänersborg, the group of friends came to meet me. The two boys in the group had their towels with them.

In 2003, unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and I don’t recall leaving the house at all that day. I had a towel with me anyway, though! In 2004, I was going to go to Gothenburg, but ended up going around Stenungsund instead – towel properly displayed from my hand bag! My mum asked why I was carrying a towel. I told her. “Ahh, that writer,” she said, and left it at that.

To not celebrate Towel Day is still not an option. I’ve been pushing for it this year, sending out reminders to people, and they’ve been positive about it. Reading Daniel’s testimonial, I’ve decided to keep the towel in my bag. I noticed back in 2001 that it was very useful to carry with at all times, so I will definitely start doing that again.

Traxy – who knows where her towel is!

To update it, as it seems to be written in 2005, I can say that in 2005, I was reminded of it at work, and fortunately had a towel in my bag, which I immediately took out and displayed. Last year (2006) I completely forgot and was deeply ashamed. Ended up pinning a paper napkin to my coat saying something like “temporary towel”, explaining the situation. Ho hum. So this year, now that I have remembered it, I have put a towel in my bag as we’re going around places carding in the morning. You can’t stop the towel!


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