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Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra (2010)

WHAT: Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra
WHERE: Trent FM Arena, Nottingham
WHEN: 18 December 2010

Do you know who Tim Minchin is? In case you don’t, he’s a comedian and a musician hailing from Australia but who has lived in the UK for the past few years. He plays the piano and sings very funny songs, a lot of which you can find on YouTube. This time, he’s on tour and has brought a whole symphony orchestra with him!

Part stand-up comedy show, part concert, 100% entertaining. The man knows how to put on a good show! For the most part, it seemed like a greatest hits show, because most of the songs we had heard before – if not on TV, then on YouTube. Still, seeing them performed in real life, in a big arena, was definitely worth it.

Songs we were treated to were (amongst others) Rock ‘n’ Roll Nerd, Inflatable You, Prejudice (my husband can say the word and I can’t!), White Wine in the Sun, You Grew On Me, the newer Pope Song, and of course Dark Side. The most memorable part of the show must be the debate on why some books were considered holy and some less so. On the one hand, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows isn’t considered holy, and the Qur’an is. And on stage, he had a copy of both of them. “And all of a sudden, 5000 people in Nottingham suddenly became very nervous.” To which the whole audience giggled nervously in response.

A good, fun show by a brilliant musician AND a brilliant comic with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. Highly recommended! Erm, except perhaps if you’re a “motherf***ing Papist”, so to speak … 😉



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2 thoughts on “Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra (2010)

  1. Yeah, he sung that one as well, actually. It’s nice because it’s all about the whole family meeting up, which you don’t get to do very often as an ex-pat. 🙂

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