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The worst kept secret in Nottingham

Earlier in the year, I posted about Wollaton Hall and mentioned there’s another hall further south which has been modelled on it. They filmed bits of the new Batman movies there and said they should use Wollaton Hall as a filming location. My wish has been granted!

Probably the fanciest council house in Nottingham

Starting on Monday, rumour has it Hollywood are coming to town! It’s the worst kept secret in Nottingham right now: Wollaton Hall is to be Wayne Manor in the next Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises (due out in 2012). There have been casting calls in town for an “unnamed project” and all, apparently. (Why didn’t I know this beforehand so I could’ve given it a go?!) Nottingham has taken a step up from Magicians, shot at the Theatre Royal in the city. Holy heart of England, Batman!

If I hear anything more I’ll let you know. Also: I wrote this on my Kindle, so apologies for spelling being worse than normal. Will edit and add links and pics when I’m on an actual computer!


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8 thoughts on “The worst kept secret in Nottingham

  1. How exciting, I wish this was happening near me!
    But how did you post from your Kindle? I’ve only had mine about a month, but I’d love to be able to post from it 🙂


  2. Wow – that’s so cool. Do you know who is playing in this version of Batman? Keep us posted!! 😀

  3. Abby: If you’re on the Home screen and press Menu, you have something at the bottom called “Experimental”. The first option there is a very rudimentary web browser. Not very good for surfing on instead of on an actual computer, but it’s really useful if you’re desperate to use the internet and have no other option. 🙂 Good luck!

    Calexora: Yeah, it’s supposed to be the same as before – Christian Bale et al. Not sure how much they’re going to do here. Our local BBC radio station have said the crew is here for two weeks and it’s mainly for outside shots. No word about any of the actors. Ach, we shall see. Maybe that’s something I could do next weekend, eh? Just HAPPEN to pass by the park perimeter and see if anything can be seen? 😉

  4. Very cool building–will be perfect for Batman. Now, I wonder which building they’ll use for the Wayne Home for Wayward Girls (my all-time favorite place name)–just kidding, I’m sure it’s not in this script.

  5. Considering Mentmore Towers used to be Wayne Manor in the previous films, and Mentmore Towers was built to imitate Wollaton Hall I have no doubt it’ll be great for Wayne Manor. 😉 Haven’t heard of the WHfWG, but what a great name! 😀

  6. I went past a few weeks ago on my way to work at a weekend. Place was rammed with cars. be great to see it on screen

  7. Yeah, I can’t wait! 😀 I’m not normally that fussed about Batman, but now that they’re filming it in our own back yard (figuratively speaking, of course), can’t help but being enthusiastic.

    We saw the first two at the cinema, so likely to see this one as well, but if they hadn’t filmed it here, I wouldn’t have made a post about it until the actual film review itself. Heh.

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