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The Jinsy Boys – Moolameeno (2019)

Music album review: The Jinsy Boys – Moolameeno (Bran & Chubb, 2019)

  1. Sonic Journi (0:57)
  2. Moolameeno (2:46)
  3. Magic Trousers (2:35)
  4. Great Aunt Maud (2:32)
  5. Somebody (3:12)
  6. Cheese Cathedral (3:50)
  7. Special Brew (1:46)
  8. Raymond (1:10)
  9. Mawktat Pie (3:43)
  10. Carpet of Your Love (0:44)
  11. Sad Song (3:05)
  12. Your Eyes (3:21)
  13. Mummy Mole (0:41)
  14. Secondhand Dentures (3:09)
  15. Moira’s Theme (1:03)
  16. Mrs Rain (2:50)

Hot (well, sort of) off the heels of their first gloriously absurd album, Tvignest, Chris Bran and Justin Chubb are back. It starts off with a gentle introduction promising to take us on a sonic journey. Is the sonic journey another glorious folky trip into absurdist comedy? Certainly is.

The style of songs is the same as before, folk music with delightfully bizarre lyrics. Magic Trousers are about seemingly cursed piece of clothing, Secondhand Dentures tells the tale of a man whose father gave him dentures from some old deceased woman, and Cheese Cathedral is about a cathedral made of cheese. I’m now expecting the third album (if there is such a thing, but I hope there will be) to also feature a song about the love of cheese. Heck, I went and bought a block of feta today and a tub of cottage cheese, along with the husbandly approved mozzarella for pizza and Gouda and Emmental for sandwiches, and I’m going to sneeze so much and it will be WORTH IT.

What the lyrics are very good at is to really turn things on their head. Great Aunt Maud sounds like a nice song about someone’s relative, and then she’s suddenly “useful with a Samurai sword”, which makes you go “wait, what?!” and pay more attention. Sad Song turns out to be … especially sad in the end. Mawktat Pie sounds like it’s a song about a magic potion being stirred in a cauldron, but … is a food recipe?

Several songs sound more like they’d only make some kind of sense if set to video, or like they’re glimpses of songs but not fully realised because they’re so short. Moira’s Theme is essentially a bit of background music to someone saying “Moira!” a number of times in different ways. Then there are songs that are really good as melodies, like the melancholy Mrs Rain.

In a sense the album is perhaps a bit more toned down in general. The songs aren’t as cheerful, or as earwormy – although I dare you to try and get Mummy Mole out of your head! – and while Tvignest has a few songs that have made me laugh out loud, this doesn’t. The actual comedy, music, melodies and the singing is still on point, but I dare say if I have a choice of the two I’d rather listen to, Tvignest gets my vote. It’s just more foot-stompy and up-tempo and cheerful. And more memorable.

While there are several songs on the first album to choose from as a favourite, I’m not entirely sure which one I perk up most at hearing from Moolameeno. Maybe the song Moolameeno itself?

The run time is still short – a mere 37 minutes is not enough when you could quite happily listen to this stuff all day. At least now I have another 37 minutes to add to the previous album and the two soundtrack albums from This is Jinsy, which is always a plus in my book, seeing as how Sky only gave us two seasons of Sporall and Arbiter Maven.

4 out of 5 cheddar windows.


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