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Strike Back (2010) 1.3

TV series episode review: Strike Back (2010), season 1, episode 3 (directed by Daniel Percival)

Watched part three! (Taking a break because Mr T was busy on Skype and he kind of wanted to see the next part too, so it’s for later or tomorrow.) But reactions on episode #3: OMG OMG OMG!!

Does he get his shirt off? Yes! Does he show off the shrubberies again? Yes! (Although they weren’t as protruding this time.) Did we see chest hair? Yes, there was definitely chest hair we could see through the shirt at one point, because I was staring at it thinking “ooooh, the elusive chest hair!” He gets his peaches out too.

“You want me to do what? You realise I have a hoard of hormonal women lusting after me already, right? This is not going to make things better.” – Richard Armitage, probably

Some bits of Strike Back seem so incredibly targeted at a male audience. I mean, there were at least three references to male anatomy in a fairly short period of time. First, the lady officer saying something like “don’t blow your cock off” (after giving him a pack of “standard issue for Africa” condoms), another one being one of the prison guards looking down and snickering at him.

So, aside from peaches and genital references, what was the episode about? Someone tried to kill Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean dictator, but instead they shot one of his body doubles. The guards caught one of the assassins, who the Zimbabweans claim have links to MI6 which is where Section 20 and Porter come in, of course. Porter’s sent out there to get the man out of a high-security prison, so he lets himself get caught pretending to be an illegal diamond merchant, and spends most of his time inside the jail. He gets to be a Big Damn Hero again, protecting a young man from some of the other prisoners who want to have their wicked ways with him (it’s a very uncomfortable and disturbing scene to watch before Porter jumps into action). Go Porter! You can be my hero any day!

The guy who plays some sort of head military person is David Harewood, by the way. Friar Tuck! Good performance too. Compared with Robin Hood, you have to admit that the fight choreography is a heck of a lot better in Strike Back. Just a shame people need to beat the crap out of each other!

Anyway, that’s pretty much what the third episode is about. Still need to see the concluding parts!


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