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Spooks (2010) 9.5

TV series episode review: Spooks (2010), series 9, episode 5, directed by Julian Holmes

I really don’t know how coherent this post is going to be, because I’m bursting to write about the casting of The Hobbit but have told myself no, stop procrastinating, write about Spooks before you end up forgetting all about it. Consistency is key.

Luckily, most of the interesting bits of this episode were in the “previously on Spooks” and the last few minutes, so that should make it nice and easy …

The terrorist threat of the week were with regards to secret peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and someone wanting to disrupt them and kill the US president. Thrown into that was also a father-daughter conflict – the daughter having been captive of the other side for over a year. Could see her coming a mile off, unlike Dimitri (Max Brown), so when it was finally revealed she was the mastermind behind it all, it didn’t come as a surprise. Her motive was not the motive I expected, though, but that wasn’t so much a surprise, because I didn’t really care enough about her as a character to be really bothered. I was expecting a classic Stockholm syndrome, Patty Hearst style, but no, she just had daddy issues (“you didn’t rescue me from the baddies, daddy!”). Oh well.

The sniper’s trajectory almost ventured into Mythbusters territory, and was rather impressive. Thank you, collective genius of MI5.

There was lots of running, and lots of Lucas (Richard Armitage) being far too gorgeous to be a spy (if you’re really tall, dark and seriously handsome, you turn heads – you don’t exactly blend in). Which, I suppose, brings us to the end. Everything in the “previously” bit was with regards to Lucas, Maya and Vaughn. Then the whole episode had nothing to do with that plot line whatsoever. Lucas was redeemed in the way that he seemed to be back in Big Damn Hero mode as opposed to the Sneaky Bastard mode of last week. When he nearly passed out after being strangled, I did actually fear they were killing him off, because that’s what they do on that show. Would’ve been a bit weird to leave the Vaughn/Maya plot line(s) unfinished, but still. He could’ve died.

Anyway, final minutes. Lucas/John knocks on Maya’s (Laila Rouass) door, and she says her boyfriend’s home. And the boyfriend comes to the door and TA-DAAAH!! It’s Vaughn (Iain Glen)! So now we don’t just have a Lucas/John, we also have a Vaughn/Michael! And he’s not looking like a stroke victim either, but scrubs up rather well, a fellow blogger said earlier in the week, but now I can’t find the link.

When he appeared, as “Michael”, I gasped and howled “OOOOH! HOLY CRAP! OH MY GOSH!!” and such at the telly. “HE’S LEAD HIM ON ALL THIS TIME!” Mr T, who had been sitting next to me all through the episode but had paid more attention to his laptop, asked for an explanation to my giddy, over-excited outbursts of shock and surprise. Which took away from the shock and surprise a bit as I had to try and sum up the events of four previous episodes without missing what was going on in front of me. I think it went along the lines of, “OMG! He totally didn’t have a stroke! He’s Michael! Faked! Lucas set someone up to get a file he wanted! Blackmail! OMG!!!”

Wow, what an ending! What a cliffhanger! I didn’t even care that there still hasn’t been any kitchen table-shagging! Poor Lucas, he has (probably) betrayed MI5, he’s set up some youngster to take the fall for something he didn’t do in order to cover his tracks. Oh dear me. What a kerfuffle.

The thing I’m dreading with this whole plot line is that I can see the final episode ending with the tragic demise of Lucas North. Think about it. Ruth (Nicola Walker) is suspicious of him already, he’s (probably – yes, I say probably because remember Vaughn’s file being highly classified? Maybe it’s not actually betrayal as such, maybe Vaughn’s undercover or something – I’ll give it the benefit of a doubt) betrayed MI5, which would lead to his dismissal, if nothing else. If he gets dismissed, he’s out of the show and off our screens, which means he might as well be dead as far as we’re concerned. And also, there’s nothing stopping him getting killed. Vaughn probably has a gun stashed away somewhere. Or maybe he can just kill people with his brain or something. Either way, I can’t see series nine ending well for Lucas, to be honest. This, along with the fact that Richard Armitage seems to be getting busier doing movies, leads me to believe there will be no Lucas North in series ten, or that he will be eliminated very early on, so that his actor is free to dazzle the masses in Hollywood blockbusters. What do you think?


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4 thoughts on “Spooks (2010) 9.5

  1. I am not pleased with how they are yanking Lucas around this season. Vaugn/Michael might as well be Sarah Caulfield as he is seriously screwing Lucas/John.
    I am trying to remain positive about Lucas redeeming himself, but it is getting tough.
    That’s why the Hobbit news is sooo great! It takes our mind off the character assassination going on at Spooks, Inc.!

  2. Skully: Yeah, “Mythbusters: MI-5” would be a hoot. They won’t, though, the show’s not big enough in the US. Sadly. 🙁

    TT: I can see why – he carries a suit very well! 🙂

    phylly3: Agreed! Such a shame Lucas seems to be so easy to screw with. (Humm … teehee?) But like you say, at least we can try and ignore it and focus on the beard instead!

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