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Spooks 8.1 (2009)

TV episode review: Spooks (2009), season 8 episode 1

I actually have a load of stuff to read with regards to the statistics exam I have in my psychology course tomorrow, but I had to wait for some of the revision stuff to download, sooo … I kinda thought “well, while I wait …” as I recorded Spooks last night. I’ll try and make this relatively spoiler-free, even free of series 7 spoilers, in case you’ve not seen it yet.

Spooks series 7 ended with an MI5 agent being abducted, as you might remember. That’s where series 8 kicks off.

New titles, and BY GOLLY is Richard Armitage all over them! Luckily I’m watching this on my own, when the only one who can object to me squeeing is the cat … and she’s fast asleep somewhere. Are the new titles implying Lucas will have a really big part in series 8? Fingers crossed!

(When did Uri Geller marry a former MI5 agent? 🤔 Well, he kinda looks a bit like Uri Geller to me!)

Series 8 isn’t just going to be about Russians, which is nice, as series 7 was a little bit samey. Then again, it might’ve been due to the introduction of Lucas. Anyway, it’s bad people and they want to have their wicked way with the world. Like you do.

Every time Lucas North is on-screen it’s terribly distracting. Our tall, dark, stubbly hero (yes, he gets to be a hero in the first episode – so that’s a spoiler but whatever!) with a luscious voice and we all just melt at his feet. He’s fully dressed all through, I’m sad to report, but who cares? He’s lush when dressed too. Squee!

Other than that, it’s pretty standard, really. It’s a high quality show, as usual, with that bluey, cool (in both respects) tinge and you’re at the edge of your seat. If you like Spooks, you probably won’t be disappointed. If you like Richard Armitage, you’ll be in heaven.

Yeah, well, without any info on what actually happens in order to avoid spoilers, the only other thing that would make the post longer is further ramblings about the fantasticness of RA and Lucas North, so I’ll get back to the statistics exam now. 😉

P.S. Next episode is on BBC3 tomorrow at 9pm if you have digital TV. If you don’t have BBC3, it’s next Wednesday on BBC1.


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2 thoughts on “Spooks 8.1 (2009)

  1. I am watching episode 3 online tonight. Then I will be all caught up! I like that our boy is the hero in this series! I find it rather upsetting when RA is a bad guy! That’s why my favourite characters are John Thornton, John Standing, Dr. Track and now Lucas North! Of course I love Gisborne too, especially now that he has redeemed himself, but we knew all along he had some good in him! (I’m babbling now…must stop…now!)

  2. Haha, no, do go on. Fanblogs and fan forums are the only place where people like us can go on and on and on and no one will find us boring – because we all do it! 😀

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