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Films on the to-do list

  • Armageddon Time
  • Black Widow
  • Chimes at Midnight
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer
  • Last Christmas
  • Remember Sunday
  • Shazam! 2
  • Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Spy Guys

Sorry I’m late!

Having discovered a few cracking shows during lockdown, I may have mentioned on Twitter that it’s kind of annoying how I’ve discovered these amazing shows to watch and now really want to talk to people about them – only the shows in question went off air years ago, and people who might have been up for talking about them at the time have already moved on to pastures new.

However, there are some hardcore fans out there still holding a torch for their favourite show, and there are new people who, like me, have only just found these shows and also want someone who wants to discuss them with the eagerness of the newly converted.

So, I present a series of posts called Sorry I’m late, in which I’ll discuss the shows I’m only years behind everyone else in appreciating. The parameters for shows to count are: they have to have finished being made. If I simply started watching it late and try to catch up and can set the new series to record on the DVR, it won’t count.

It should also not be a series I actually watched back in the day, although as some of the shows I might want to write about I did watch when they were still being made, but not super regularly, I might make an exception. I remember watching the first season of The Sopranos back in the day, but didn’t much care for it. I might like it now if I gave it a go, ya know?

The posts are dedicated to those who were clearly clever enough to realise what an incredible show they were watching while it was still being made, to the people who made the show possible, as well as to fellow enthusiastic newcomers who, after finishing a show, have the bittersweet knowledge of hindsight that there are no further episodes being made.

That being said, the posts will contain spoilers, because they’re primarily aimed at people who have already watched the shows in question … and they have all been off air for a good few years …

A teaser for what the first post (next Thursday) will be discussing? “Don’t freak out.”


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