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Real People, Real Past Lives by David Wells (2008)

Book review: Real People, Real Past Lives by David Wells (Hay House, 2008)

So many people, so many past lives!

Who are you really sharing an office with? What common thread has brought some people back together? If you’ve struggled with one relationship, could past-life regression explain why? And if it could, what’s the process? How does it really work?

Past-life regression often comes to light through media articles about the rich and famous. But what about the extraordinary stories of ordinary people? These are people who have consulted therapists, dreamed of their previous incarnations or had sudden illuminations when visiting sites of their former lives, and many share their insights here. Check-out staff, nurses, factory workers, IT consultants – as well as a white witch, a drag queen and even the wife of a convicted serial killer – all have encountered startling evidence that they have lived before.

In this book, David Wells shares his past-life portfolio from clients and those who have written to him to tell their tales, as well as describing case studies that follow the process of unraveling your past to re-knit your future.

David shows through others’ experiences how to:

  • regognise past-life information in all its forms
  • overcome negative traits and enhance the positive
  • understand your relationships in this life through your past
  • build better relationships with your spirit guides through past-life knowledge

Before continuing, it should be pointed out that David Wells is, according to the back cover, “one of the country’s most popular psychics and astrologers”. Why is this important? Because it means the book is preaching to the crowd. You’ll pick up this book because you’re already into past lives, and/or New Age – not because you’re a sceptic wanting to get something that might persuade you to believe in reincarnation.

Written by a spiritualist medium also means that the book is on the “fluffy” side, and at times, it became a little too fluffy even for me. It’s like “I regressed these people and this is what they said, and isn’t it fascinating?” Well, yes, it is, but there’s no real depth. It’s a collection of interesting tales – that can too easily be discounted by a non-believer. Such a shame.

There was a bit where it briefly mentioned that past life regressions might have a beneficial effect on your health, but it was glossed over by the author saying that he had had no personal experience of it. You’ve worked with this how long and you’ve never experienced how past-life regressions can heal all sorts of issues, both physical and mental?! Dude, you’re doing it wrong.

And that’s part of the problem. If you want to read something where the author him- or herself isn’t completely convinced, and therefore is trying to get the point across in a slightly more palatable way, read Dr Brian L Weiss’s books. He had never really given past lives a thought before, when a patient of his dragged him into it quite by accident. He can recount numerous tales about people with a variety of issues healing completely after past life regressions. And because I’ve read pretty much all his books, Real People, Real Past Lives feels sadly lacking and one-sided.

Not to say it isn’t an enjoyable read or that it’s not useful. It reads quickly, is fascinating, and there are several meditations you can try to start digging into your own past. These bits are great, and really useful for someone who wants to discover more but who can’t afford going to a hypnotherapist. From that point of view, it’s a very good book.

If you’re already into reincarnation and New Age, you’ll love it and possibly won’t mind the ego-stroking “oh David, thank you ever so much, your regression of me was fabulous and I’m like a new person” letters from clients. If you think a book like this should balance the gung-ho “THIS SHIT’S REAL!” with at least a measure of scepticism or a scientific look at things … you’re better off reading something else. (Stay tuned and I’ll give a few tips. 🙂 )

3 out of 5 creative visualisations.


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