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R.I.P. Susannah York – Jane Eyre ’70

I was writing a review when I came across an article on BBC News, saying actress Susannah York has died at 72, having struggled with cancer for a while.

She has been in a number of things over the years, but the thing I knew her from was as the red-haired, too-beautiful Jane in the 1970 adaptation of Jane Eyre, opposite George C Scott. Probably one of the adaptations I enjoyed the least, to be fair, but still, one of the Janes has passed away.

My thoughts are with her family and friends. May the Mother’s last embrace welcome you home.

What are your recollections of Susannah York?



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3 thoughts on “R.I.P. Susannah York – Jane Eyre ’70

  1. I recall her in the olden days and how much I desired her hair cut. She had a shortish one that was awesome. I also recall how sensuous she was and earth motherly in many of her roles. A true passing of an era and a true actress. She was a presence.

  2. I admired her greatly. I remember fondly her Jane Eyre as it was the first adaptation I had ever seen. She was as talented as she was beautiful!

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