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My favourite book: Wuthering Heights

When someone asks me, what is my favorite book, I answer “Wuthering Heights”. In one of the student organization I belong to we have had book-nights a few times. The first time I took this book with me, and someone actually asked, why this book. I just answered, that whenever I move (and as a student, I have moved a lot!), this is the book that always comes with me!

My history with “Wuthering Heights” goes back into the year 2002 or 2003, when we had to read it for our English Literature course. It was out from all the libraries so I found one from the antique bookshop, which is great, because now I have my own personal copy =) Since 2004 I have read it every year at least once. Have already done it in 2011 and not long ago in June.

I think I still don’t know, why exactly I love this book so much! Is it the plot, the characters, the setting, the era or something else. Or perhaps all of these together. I’m not an educated literature aesthete, especially when I’m not reading in the original language, but a translation! But it must be a good one, then 🙂 Every time I read it, I discover a new fact, detail or nuance. Well, there are so many of them, too!

I think Hareton has become my favorite character through all the readings, and Cathrine Jr with him. Probably because I know the bright future what awaits him at the end. The plot itself, involving two families with their two or three generations is most appealing to me as well. Of course there are lots of love and hatred, perhaps too much or all of that does not make sense to me (it did back then, I suppose). Maybe it’s because I have never felt such intense love or hatred in my own life.

One aspect of the Victorian literature I find really unbelievable is how a person can experience a mental shock so severe that it is dangerous to her (in WH’s case) health. But I guess the power of belief is so strong. Anyhow, when I think of myself, if I should fall ill, I might be down for a few days, but I usually don’t let that stop me going to places and doing things I would do without my illness. This is the thing I always wonder about, when reading “Wuthering Heights”.

I love the book so much, that any adaptation has proved poor or not good enough, so I have stopped watching them. One time I tried to see all the possible screenings, but I was so disappointed in them. A few years ago they even made a summer-play in Estonia about it, but both years I didn’t either have the money or I was abroad to go and see it. No regrets, but although they had very good actors in the leading roles, I think of it as another experience, like the first time I ever saw an adaptation, when I was constantly saying “but it wasn’t like that in the book” and “they have left that part out”. I’m well aware that the level of one’s disappointment is equal (or closely connected at least!) to one’s expectations in the matter!

Emily Jane has written such a great book, that I actually believe that such people have once lived! Although, like I said before, there are some aspects that I find unbelievable. Thanks to her book, I have learned to love the moors of England!

Long story short – I enjoy “Wuthering Heights” every time I read it!

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