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Movember #2: Dan Stevens

Last week, I mentioned I was going to post a moustachioed man every Sunday to help raise awareness of cancer awareness charity Movember, where blokes are encouraged to grow a ‘tache to show support for the charity. I don’t have the ability to grow a moustache, but I do appreciate those who can (although less so if they actually do, because they look hideous), which is why I’m posting pics of blokes that have it goin’ on … despite the whiskers.

It started off with a collection of pictures of a certain bewhiskered policeman from Northern Ireland in gritty BBC drama Peaky Blinders. What’s the deal this week?

This here guy:

Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens

Admittedly … I couldn’t find a lot of pictures where there was a particularly well-defined ‘tache, but beggars can’t be choosers, and besides, trying to find handsome blokes with whiskers is harder than you may think. Your mileage may vary.

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

That’ll do. If not for the lack of pictures, but for finding THIS version way more appealing:

Dan Stevens


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