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Jordskott: Season 1 (2015)

TV series review: Jordskott, season 1 (SVT, 2015)

Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel) returns to her home town somewhere in the Swedish wilderness, because her estranged father has just passed away and she’s left to sort out his estate and figuring out what to do with her part of Thörnblad Cellulosa, her father’s wood pulp company.

Coming back home brings back painful memories – her daughter Josefine disappeared when she was six years old (seven-ish years ago) and a body was never recovered. When Eva is driving through the woods and almost runs over a tween girl (Stina Sundlöf) – could this be the missing-but-presumed-dead Josefine?

Meanwhile, other local children have started to go missing, confounding local law enforcement (Göran Ragnerstam and Richard Forsgren) and all is definitely not as it seems …

Also starring Lia Boysen as Gerda Gunnarsson, Ville Virtanen as Harry Storm, Peter Andersson as Gustaf Borén, Henrik Knutsson as Nicklas Gunnarsson, Happy Jankell as Esmeralda, and as a bonus for being one of the few actors I recognise from before moving to the UK: Johannes Brost as Dr Koljonen.

I was surprised to discover a Swedish drama on ITV Encore, but recorded it because hey, Swedish drama! Too good an opportunity to miss when you’re a Swedish ex-pat! Turns out to be a creepy supernatural drama to boot, which was a pleasant surprise. I caught on to what was going on quite early on (let’s say it’s grounded in Swedish folklore) and therefore really enjoyed it.

The only criticism I have is that Eva has a tendency to sound like she’s stuck on repeat with the whole Josefine thing, which gets annoying. It’s an intriguing plot, even if it’s not particularly fast-moving. The countless shots of the Swedish woods make me homesick.

Over all, Jordskott has the potential for a follow-up, but even if it doesn’t get one, it’s a solid piece of Nordic drama with a bit of supernatural sprinkled on top. I re-watched it about a year later as well, and it still held up.

Fun fact: Richard Forsgren reminded me of Richard Armitage, except being awkward and Swedish.

4 out of 5 mossy rocks.

(UPDATE 2021: There was a series two as well, but it was mostly set in Stockholm. I didn’t really care for it.)


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