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Jane Eyre 2011 – UK trailer & poster released

Thanks to BrontëBlog for the tip! Here’s the UK poster for the 2011 version of Jane Eyre:


Jane-Eyre-poster-0011I like it, I really do. I like the colours and in general I just find it more appealing than the US one, to be honest. Beautiful photos and beautiful artwork. They’ve also released a UK version of the trailer, which is different from the US one! They seem to do a lot more talking, and it summarises the book as well.

Reactions: “Hey, I think I like this better than the old trailer!”

On the other hand, there is a reason why there are UK versions of these things – to appeal to a European market, as we don’t necessarily have the same tastes as the North Americans. For that reason, it’s not exactly a surprise that I prefer the UK versions – I’m European, duuh! 🙂

And yeah, we still have to wait until 9 September this year before it comes out. If you want to find out if the film was any good or not, check out the guest review Nan wrote, which I’m thinking is going to be similar to my own views of it. Still, three months to go here …

What about you? Which trailer and poster do you prefer?


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11 thoughts on “Jane Eyre 2011 – UK trailer & poster released

  1. I like the UK poster better because it gives Fassbender equal billing (we actually get to see him quite clearly, instead of the ghostly image in the previous poster which makes him look like a figment of Jane’s imagination). God, he looks good!

    Thanks for including links to both trailers. I’ve sat here and watched both several times each in order to organize my thoughts concerning them both. I tried to watch the trailers as if I knew nothing about the story in order to judge how effective they are.

    O.K. My thoughts regarding the UK trailer – it’s good, but I prefer the US one because the US trailer is more gothic and mysterious. In the US trailer you see Jane is escaping from … what, exactly? What happens at Thornfield? Where does she flee to? It raises questions in the viewer’s mind. The UK trailer, on the other hand, commits the sin most trailers today do – it shows too many scenes from the film. Trailers shouldn’t summarize a movie too completely because it creates a disincentive to see the film. Why pay to see the movie when you have already seen all the best bits and can pretty much guess how it ends? The UK trailer certainly doesn’t go as far as that, but in summarizing the story so well it loses the atmosphere of mystery the original trailer had and which I prefer.

    At the same time, the UK trailer feels confused and disjointed to me. The US trailer had a clearer narrative – from a loveless childhood she sought a place of refuge and found love, mystery and danger at Thornfield and then had to flee – but this trailer, while showing what I feel are too many scenes from the entire movie in too rapid a succession, seems less clear to me.

  2. I agree 100% with RhubarbsMom’s last paragraph. My thoughts exactly!

    As for the posters, they’re both beautiful. I really like how Rochester is more visible here and the photos are gorgeous. However, obviously Rochester is supposed to represent coldness which doesn’t feel right to me. There’s coldness to him, sure, but also fury and passion. He looks completely frozen here.

    On the other hand, the colours of Jane’s photo are spot on – tranquility as a middle ground between ice and fire.

  3. Saw Fassbender on a billboard advertising the new X-Men movie on my way to work. I smiled and thought “Rochester! Rowr!” haha.

    Crystal: I hope it will! Fingers crossed for you! 🙂

    Lady Rose & Elin: Agreed! 🙂 With Rochester being cold – I’d say he’s anything BUT cold, personally. Perhaps to begin with, but you soon realise he really isn’t.

    RhubarbsMom: I see where you’re coming from. What I didn’t like so much about the US trailer is that it “bigs up” the Gothic elements and makes it sound more like a scary story than … well, Jane Eyre. The UK one feels more as if it’s speaking to people who already know it: “yeah, we’ve made another Jane Eyre, you already know it so here are some bits so you can see what to expect with how we’ve done it”. Which is risky, because like you say, it might not tempt people who have never read/seen JE to think “ooh, I’ll have to go and see it!”

  4. That’s what I thought too – that the UK trailer was aimed at people who know the novel. But just because you’re British/European, it doesn’t mean you’ve read all the classics of British literature, so you take a chance assuming the audience knows the story. But even as someone who has read JE five times and seen all the most recent adaptations (1973-2006) numerous times, I found the trailer confusing. There were so many scenes, literally only one or two seconds long, in such a rapid succession that I felt like I was being pelted with hailstones – “here’s one, and another and another and another, quick, duck!” It felt frantic to me. The plus of this trailer was hearing Fassbender’s gorgeous voice, but I think dwelling longer on fewer scenes would have been more effective, whether you know the story or not. You’re right that the US trailer “bigs up” the Gothic element, but so did Fukunaga before the film was released.

    I saw “X-Men” yesterday with a friend. I knew absolutely nothing of the X-Men and quite honestly went mostly just to see Fassbender again. “Jane Eyre” was the first time I’d ever heard of him and seen him act, and I really liked him as Rochester, so I wanted to see him tackle a different role. I really enjoyed the movie and I really liked his performance. Thumbs up from me.

  5. I prefer the UK poster to the US poster, in which I can’t even tell the man is Rochester. The movie house I went to had 2 additional posters, one of just Mia in the woods before Rochester appears, and another of them kissing – both very dark and shadowy, really lovely camera work.

    I still prefer the US trailer, although it may have set my expectations just a little too high for a Gothic movie. The second time I saw JE ’11, I was one of two people in the theater (middle of the week daytime show). I interrogated the other viewer afterwards – had he read the book, remembered the wife in the attic, could he follow the movie, etc., and he thought the Gothic trailer was used mainly to attract the OTHER Team Rochester fans. Sad but true.

    I agree with both RhubarbsMom’s comments. And, I am also going to see X-Men just to watch Fassbender.

  6. I know nothing about Mr.Fassbender but I have good feeling:)
    I’m going to see X-men just to watch James Mcavoy:D

  7. RhubarbsMom: Quite right. 🙂 Had seen Fassbender in a few things before, and he’s a good actor so nice to see more of him.

    Nan: Aww, shame those posters don’t seem to have made it to the internet. 🙁 I think you’re right, bigging up the Gothic to attract the Twilight crowd. Thank goodness there haven’t been any “Bella & Sparkles wuv the book this is based on!” around this film!

    Joanna: A good reason too! Hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  8. I learned from another blog that the kindle version of “Jane Eyre (Movie Tie-in Edition)” includes the screenplay by Moira Buffini. I purchased it today so I can find out what the movie would have been like if all the scenes had been filmed and if all the filmed scenes would have been included in the movie.

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