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Jane Eyre ’11 premieres… in SEPTEMBER!?

Came across this, from an article about Sally Hawkins in The Guardian:

The actress, who won a Golden Globe for her lead role in Mike Leigh’s 2008 Happy-Go-Lucky, is also to appear in a new version of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre due to premiere at the Venice film festival in September

WTH! So it DOES come out a lot earlier than March – if you happen to be in Venice, at the film festival. Bah! And the rest of us have to wait another SIX MONTHS before we can go see it! No fair! I want to see it now!

The article/interview also describes Ms Hawkins as “nervous, petite and a bit shy”. The perfect Mrs Reed then, obviously. For reference:

Mrs. Reed might be at that time some six or seven and thirty; she was a woman of robust frame, square-shouldered and strong-limbed, not tall, and, though stout, not obese: she had a somewhat large face, the under jaw being much developed and very solid; her brow was low, her chin large and prominent, mouth and nose sufficiently regular; under her light eyebrows glimmered an eye devoid of ruth; her skin was dark and opaque, her hair nearly flaxen; her constitution was sound as a bell—illness never came near her; she was an exact, clever manager; her household and tenantry were thoroughly under her control; her children only at times defied her authority and laughed it to scorn; she dressed well, and had a presence and port calculated to set off handsome attire.

Ach, we shall see. I’m not so sure about Sally Hawkins in general, as my first real introduction to her was through the abysmal Persuasion ’07. Perhaps the less said on that subject the better … Now, if you want a good rendition of Mrs Reed, check out Vanishing Point – where Aussie blogger Ben is making some awesome Jane Eyre trading cards and sharing them with the world. Still waiting for Mr Rochester yet, but aww, if those were actual trading cards, I’d totally buy them.


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6 thoughts on “Jane Eyre ’11 premieres… in SEPTEMBER!?

  1. Hey i just saw your new comment on ‘Leave your comment’. You get offered free WoW gold? I never get any useful spam.

    Anyway, another Jane Eyre… hmm as much as I don’t mind, it’d be nice to watch a few different period drama adaptions.

  2. Hmmm…if JE ’11 premieres in September, I figure I’ll be lucky to see it by January 2012. I hate to be a pessimist but that’s the way period dramas usually seem to get released over here…so frustrating. Really looking forward to this one though!

  3. I see what you mean about the casting of Mrs Reed. I thought Tara Fitzgerald was a pretty good Mrs Reed in JE 06. Even if she had been Helen Graham in Tenant, with The Tobester, ten years earlier! The death scene was really disturbing, as it should be.

  4. @Ragtag: Technically I’ve only been offered it through MediaWiki spam, but I don’t play WoW. Nor do I have a penis, so I don’t really need Viagra or an enlargement! *giggle* I agree – why not a “Villette” or “Shirley” or “Agnes Grey” once in a while? There haven’t been too many “Tenant of Wildfell Hall” either, although the latest one was very good. 🙂

    @Ruth: It’s set for official release 11 March 2011. Still a long way away. :/

    @Helen: I think my personal Mrs. Reed favourite was Fiona Shaw (JE ’96 I think?), but that might be down to the fact that I associate her with Petunia Dursley from Harry Potter, so the whole “evil aunt” thing with her … to me it’s a given. Fiona Shaw playing the hero(ine)’s aunt – she’s bound to be nasty!

  5. I’m not even sure I’ve seen that one. Did I miss anything? (I might have seen it, I just can’t remember anything except Three Men and a Baby.)

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