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If Richard Armitage and Elijah Wood had a love child …

Been far too long since I last did one of these, and I’d like to thank Leffe for the idea. It had me laughing out loud!

If Richard Armitage


and Elijah Wood

had a love child, this is what he’d look like:

DanRad in Woman in Black

Ladies and gen … uh, ladies (probably), Daniel Radcliffe! (Although on that particular pic, you could argue a love triangle with Patrick Dempsey.)

When I saw clips from Between the Sheets the first time, my response was “OMG, he looks like Daniel Radcliffe! That’s just … weird. Richard Armitage looks like Dan Radcliffe’s older brother! I’m confused now.”

Wishing you a good weekend!


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14 thoughts on “If Richard Armitage and Elijah Wood had a love child …

  1. Ya, I’ve noticed that resemblance too.. And it really creeped me out because I really don’t find Daniel Radcliffe cute or sexy. How in god’s name could there be any resemblance to my Richard? eeck…

  2. LOL!

    You’re not the only one: I’ve already noticed that Daniel Radcliffe looks like a younger version of Richard Armitage.

  3. EXACTLY! Hmm I haven’t really seen DR anywhere where he resembles RA, i.e. “the other way around” … is that a good thing?

  4. You are good Traxy:D
    @Caleksora-Three years ago non of these men not would seem attractive to me:)

  5. Lol!! I saw some fleeting similarities between RA and DR in the last Harry Potter … but they were only fleeting.

  6. I don’t find DR the least bit of a turn on, yet the resemblance is undeniable!! Hmmm… It’s the RA effect, I say.

  7. Thanks for the comments! 🙂 If anyone have any suggestions for more “love children”, please DM me on Twitter, send a message on Facebook or email. 🙂

  8. Aaaaw, and you posted it on my birthday and everything <3

    I find both Richard and Daniel quite hot (the horror when I thought Dans bum in movie 4 was hot! I had to remind myself of his age… I really had do) but Elijah doesn’t do it for me… but I think all three actors are great. I know people like to badger Dan for the crying in movie 3 but come on, he is way better nowadays.

  9. Yeah, seeing DR in the bath in HP4 was an odd feeling. Didn’t have to remind about the age as much (because I still don’t fancy him) as when watching Narnia 1 and thinking “OMG Peter is GORGEOUS!!” 😉

    And yeah, he’s definitely improved as an actor. The snow scene in HP3 still has me cringing. Then again, so does the bit at the beginning when he’s practicing magic at Privet Drive and tries avoiding Uncle Vernon … when practicing magic there (Dobby and the cake) is what nearly has him kicked out of Hogwarts later. >_< On the plus side, there's Remus Lupin and he makes up for a lot of things.

  10. It’s the smile, guys, they are the same.  At least for me that’s where the resemblence ends.  Having recently seen, however, Daniel Ratcliff’s ‘Lady in Black’ I am certain Daniel will within 5 years grow into his face and become a very handsome man.  For those of you old enough to remember Alan Ladd (a ’50’s hottie) he was a very short man (oh, and so is Tom Cruise) and it did not seem to hinder him much…see the movie ‘Shane’.  All this being said, Richard Armitage still beats them.  Tall, smokin’ body, gr eat  eye work.  Back teeth sweat making voice.

    1. I’ve recently seen ‘The Woman in Black’ and I thought they’d modelled DR’s character on John Thornton! The same sideburns and everything! Just needed a top hat. 🙂

      I think you’re right; give him a few more years to mature and then wowza.

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