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Geronimo’s 4th Modern Talking Obession Test

Thought it was time for one of these again. Fourth in the series, points 301-400 on signs you’re obsessed with Modern Talking. Last updated: 4 September 2000, and I haven’t updated spelling and grammar mistakes since then. Again, this is a fairly insane list, mainly played for laughs, and no, I didn’t get all points back then. 😛 Like the previous ones, a lot of things are obscure references to song lyrics, music videos, pictures and interviews.

This is the 4th fun little test you can take, and check out exactly how obsessed you are with Modern Talking… :c)

Instructions: Check all that apply.


  1. You’ve started to think in German.
  2. You’ve discovered the biological/anatomical impossibility in YMHYMS.
  3. Noticed that you know all the rap versions by heart?
  4. Ever been really impressed when seeing “NORAB”-signs?
  5. …Or car number plates from Hansestadt Hamburg (HH)?
  6. You’ve started to call Dieter for Di, or even better: Didi.
  7. You don’t have the energy to calculate how much money you’ve spent on MT stuff.
  8. …Because you wouldn’t be able to handle the shock anyway…
  9. MT starts to reply to your emails.
  10. You’ve started to call Thomas something cute as well – like Thom, Thomthom, or why not his real name?
  11. You try to sneak in MT quotes into normal everyday conversation.
  12. Everytime you see/hear the word YPSILON your heart turns all warm…
  13. Travelled really far just to meet another fan?
  14. You know who Bernd Weidung is.
  15. You would (or already have) go to Germany just to go to a concert.
  16. You’ve been to Germany (oh well).
  17. You know where Shaire is (ssshhh!).
  18. Ever claimed that your bed is too big?
  19. Talked to another fan over the phone for three hours?
  20. Were you the one who called?
  21. Have you written any fanfiction?
  22. Have you drawn a picture of MT?
  23. …And did you scan it and put it on the Internet so that everyone can see it, even if it’s crap?
  24. Your mind connects the colour blue with Dieter.
  25. Your photo is on the “Only Members”-page at MTSI.
  26. You’ve tried to look like DB/TA on a photo?
  27. And succeeded?
  28. You don’t dare to try these tests, because you’re afraid of the results… (wimp!)
  29. You’ve got the Playboy photos of Nadja.
  30. You prefer to wear black or white [clothes].
  31. …Particulary with a black leather suit jacket and/or pants…
  32. …Or – why not – a blue sweatshirt…
  33. …With the text “PRINCETON” blah blah something on it?
  34. You’ve wallpapered your room with MT pictures.
  35. You want to start a pirat radio station that only plays MT 24 hours a day, on the AM band (so that everyone can hear it).
  36. The big question is how you close your eyes to seven.
  37. …Ah, you (actually) know how. (Do tell me!)
  38. You almost got a heart attack listening to “Brother Louie ’99 (UK Version)” for the first time.
  39. You think Di was ahead of his time when he wrote “The Angels Sing In New York City” – Titanic and all that, you know.
  40. You’ve given someone something to think about with the words “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”.
  41. You agree with the point of view that diamonds never made a lady, lover, or a friend, because you know it.
  42. You check www.ModernTalking.com at least once a week.
  43. You’re thinking about educating yourself to an economist.
  44. You already are an educated economist.
  45. You’re going to look in the Guinnes book of world records if MT really made it with the Budapest concert ’98.
  46. You enter Hotmail from the German site.
  47. The spirit world fascinates you, and you’ve been to a medium.
  48. Do you believe in horoscopes? And/or are afraid of what they’re saying?
  49. You’ve noticed that Didi’s written two different songs – but with the same title: Taxi Girl.
  50. There will never be another you (it’s truuue).
  51. You like lifting up people.
  52. You drag people with you backwards into the sand at the beach.
  53. You go looking for a tiny river (the ones you see in old old movie scenes).
  54. You know what the full text says on Di’s blue sweatshirt.
  55. You’ve noticed that Di’s wearing the same clothes in the videos of “There’s Too Much Blue In Missing You” and “You Can Win If You Want”.
  56. You have a light yellow training clothes.
  57. You’ve ever said “it’s like comparing a steak with a pizza” (you can’t really compare them, still you enjoy both).
  58. You ask someone to teach you the rules.
  59. You feel a little hypnotized… (SORRY!)
  60. You know exactly when to say “Spatsiba” in “Heaven Will Know”.
  61. You won’t be surprised if a 5th purity test shows up (me neither).
  62. Ever tried to pay with the fanclub membership card – just to see how people react?
  63. You’re a dreamer.
  64. You’re a fool.
  65. Better late than never done.
  66. You’ve pretended to be TA/DB on ICQ sometime (MINUS POINTS!!!).
  67. …And people fell for it?
  68. You know who Günther is.
  69. It’s a long and lonely road to southern Chelsea.
  70. You’re a workoholic.
  71. You lied about how many % you scored in the first test so that you’d be more corrupt in the X-TENded one. (naughty, naughty)
  72. You wonder how corrupt MT would be in these tests. :c)
  73. You have MT’s autographs (and then I mean REAL autographs, and not just those .gif’s from the website).
  74. MT has wished you a happy birthday.
  75. You were an extra (person seen in the movie, but has no part in the story) in “Stockholm Marathon” and/or “Moltke”.
  76. You’re in any of MT’s videos.
  77. You persist in wearing necklaces outside of your wet-suit.
  78. One word: Goldbikini. Do you own one? (I couldn’t write “golden bikini” because that would be two words, and in Swedish I only used one.)
  79. You use to dance beneath an American flag as well.
  80. Speaking of which, you would really like to know where those film clips in the original video come from.
  81. …But then again, you already know.
  82. You know what videos I was just refering to as well.
  83. You’ve prioritised MT instead of sleeping.
  84. You think that Guido SHOULD write a book about TA if he knows so much about him.
  85. If you and a friend don’t agree on something, you discuss it until you find a solution, rather than arguing.
  86. You make your own heaven and hell. (…I can’t help it…!)
  87. You’ve started to smoke – with the lame motivation “But THEY do it!”.
  88. All of a sudden, you’ve developed a certain interest in “I Will Follow You”.
  89. You would like to live forever… or at least get terribly old, stay fit, and finally pass away without pain.
  90. You wouldn’t complain if Didi really lived forever…
  91. If there was a high-score list for these tests, you would have been on it.
  92. You’ve arranged some crystal marbles on a chess board.
  93. You’ve opened your window just to shout that you love Di and Thom and ask them to come to your city.
  94. And you live in central [city’s name]?
  95. You can win if you want – if you want it you will win.
  96. You would recognise MT anywhere.
  97. You’re getting bored with all these tests now.
  98. Whenever you’re bored, you do one of the purity tests to see if you’re more corrupt today than yesterday.
  99. Your name is (original or changed) Dieter/Thomas/Bernd and/or you’ve changed your surname to Bohlen/Anders/Weidung.
  100. You understand ALL the points (honestly) of this list as well!

… And by now, I believe we’re about half-way through the list …


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