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First Impressions of Jane Eyre 2011

It was the fastest two hours I’ve ever spent at the movies. As the credits were rolling I found myself thinking, “Is that IT? Is it over already?” Not because the film ended abruptly, but because time just stood still while I was watching.


  • Jane does NOT look over the battlements; no rookery is shown
  • Rochester is NOT sleeping in the nude while his bed is burning
  • Rochester is NOT disguised as a gypsy
  • Jane does NOT get “a hearty kissing” the night before the wedding
  • Jane does NOT say, “Oh, I will give my heart to God, you do not want it.”

And most devastating of all:

  • Rochester does NOT call Jane “provoking puppet”


  • Helen DOES die in Jane’s arms
  • The scenes with Judi Dench WERE amazing. Just perfect Fairfax.
  • Rochester DOES say “And it is you, spirit—with will and energy, and virtue and purity—that I want: not alone your brittle frame.” Not a matching quote, but the essence was there. Something along the lines of: “You are like a reed … I could crush you between finger and thumb … but I could still not have your soul, and that is what I want!”

It was curious to me which details were included but were ultimately superfluous: why include the Rivers sisters at all if their only purpose was to hand St. John one sketch, or ask him why doesn’t he kiss Jane on the lips? Why include ten seconds of Eliza and Georgiana sitting on a couch?

I am currently writing a review (“compare and contrast the use of Gothic imagery …”). Until then, let me just say that it was exquisite but not definitive.

Thank you, Nan! Really looking forward to reading your review! 😀

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Hails from New York state but now lives in North Carolina, working as a consultant, designing education and training for public health nutritionists. A mum of two who can also play the piano. Has many favorite books, but number one is Jane Eyre.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions of Jane Eyre 2011

  1. I agree, Nan, that it was very weird what they left in and took out. I felt that if I weren’t familiar with the story I would have been royally confuzzled.

  2. True, Rochester is not in the nude but it’s obvious there’s nothing under his just-barely-long-enough nightshirt.

    To me the scene after the aborted wedding, when EFR explains about his marriage and tries to get Jane to stay as his mistress, was worth the price of admission alone.

    And I loved the girls who played young Jane, Helen and Adele. They were all excellent.

    I am really looking forward to your review.

  3. @ifbyyes/Carol – confuzzled is right! My mom hasn’t read JE (tsk tsk) and she said at one point she had no idea what was going on. But on the other hand, she was very surprised by the wife in the attic. I would love to talk to more people who have seen but not read JE. One other comment I read from someone in that category (immediately after viewing) is “I don’t think I can walk”!!

    @Rhubarbsmom – what a nightshirt! I’ve read somewhere that shirts in those days doubled as “underwear”. Hmmmm…. I think Traxy needs to find a costumes expert to guest-post on breeches and the “never any visible panty lines no matter how tight they are” phenomenon.

    I totally agree about the post-wedding scene and the girls, especially Adele.

    Review is almost finished but I have to earn some salary first. I’m having a hard time staying in my cubicle and not skipping out to see the show again. I missed the 1:20, and if I go to the 4:05, I think my family will miss me when I don’t show up for dinner.

  4. RhubarbsMom: Just-barely-long-enough nightshirt? Oh hello. That’ll be something to remember when watching that X-Men prequel that’s coming out in June which we might end up seeing at the cinema. :B

    @Nan: Oh, I read the walking comment too. Someone’s husband or something, who first complained it was a chick flick … and then basically ended up being glued to the seat and loving it! Score!

    Interesting point, you know. Trying to track down a breeches expert. I’m intrigued. I might have to do that. Tracked down a beer expert for the FanstRAvaganza and that was fun! 😀

    Think you’re quite right – it might need to be watched a few times before a proper opinion can be given. I only wished I had sat down and finished my JE’06 review when I started it Jan ’10 rather than re-watching it now, when I’ve had a whole year to obsess about the original novel. *cough*

    Nan’s review in all its magnificent glory (I’m not kidding, it’s great!) shall be revealed on Monday. Keep an eye out!

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