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Emma (2009) – Episode 3

TV miniseries review: Emma (2009), episode 3, directed by Jim O’Hanlon

Yeah, pretty much same as previous episode, really. The story moves along and it’s not terribly interesting. Highlights of episode three: Christina Cole as the intolerable snob Mrs Elton. She’s got that 19th Century upper class bitch down to a tee, but then again, she has been typecast had training. Quite amusing to hear her going on about how knowledgable and fabulous she is. Yeah right. Just waiting for someone to shout “STFU!” which Knightley did, in a way, when he said the only woman he’d trust his invites to was Mrs Knightley, and as there is none as of yet, he’ll take care of that himself. Gotta love him for that!

Speaking of which: Mr Knightley (Jonny Lee Miller) feels too informal, somehow – why was he sitting down so casually on a blanket in the garden? While the women were on a bench? And not even a picnic going on or anything? It was rather peculiar. Aside from that, I am taking a bit of a shine to him. How could you not? He’s lovely! He’s a very kind man and while he does have a gloomy-looking house, he is a rather agreeable fellow indeed.

(Oh gosh, can you tell I’ve just watched a costume drama? Add to that, I finished a Mills & Boon Historical book set in Regency times yesterday. I’ll have to write a few lines about that when I get my internets back – it’s being cut tomorrow, which is also when we’re moving house. Won’t be getting the connection back until early November, it seems. The ANGST!!!)

I’m not endeared to Emma (Romola Garai) yet, but I’m not sure I ever will be, to be honest. She’s just not a very likeable character. Her dad (Michael Gambon) is beginning to sound a bit whiny too.

The fourth and final (I think?) instalment is next Sunday. There will be strawberries, “badly done, Emma!” and a romantic conclusion. Looking forward to that.


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