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  • Thor: Love and Thunder
  • Spy Guys

Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley adapted for radio

If you thought Charlotte Brontë only wrote Jane Eyre, you are mistaken. Her second published book was Shirley, and good ol’ BBC have made an adaptation in six parts of it. For radio, not TV. Oh well, you can’t have everything. If I understand the website correctly, it was first broadcast in September 2007, so it’s not actually new new.

Part one was broadcast this morning at 10 am (thanks for the tip, BrontëBlog!) and part two is tomorrow at 10 am, and the rest follow at the same time in the rest of the working week, with the final two parts next Monday and Tuesday.

Linkage: Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley on BBC Radio 7 – part 1 is available on BBC iPlayer for 7 days.


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