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Bill Bailey: Tinselworm (2007)

WHAT: Bill Bailey: Tinselworm
WHERE: Trent FM Arena, Nottingham
WHEN:18 November 2007

Yesterday, we were going out to see Bill Bailey in town. As we got out of the house, we weren’t sure if it was raining or snowing, but as we drove into town, it became quite clear. It was snowing! 😀 Nothing that stuck to the ground, unfortunately, but still, snow! As it was quite chaotic around the Ice Centre – sorry, the Trent FM Arena – we had to park up at Victoria Centre and then walk down. It was very cold and very wet. But hey, it was the first snow of this season! Snow!

While waiting for the show to begin (we were in section 15), some people were throwing paper planes over the audience. Some of them flew quite impressively and got applauded by the people who had seen it. One had a great flight and was brilliantly caught by one of the yellow-shirted staff, which got both applauded and cheered.

The show was brilliant. We’ve been watching Bill Bailey on TV for years (Black Books, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and so on) and thought it would be great to see a live show with him. When we drove past the Ice Arena a few months ago, I saw it said “BILL BAILEY: TINSELWORM” and November, so I phoned up and booked tickets.

The performance on the 17th was sold out, and there weren’t that many spaces free on the 18th. He’s a popular comedian and can certainly draw a crowd – and not without reason! He’s a very funny guy with a very funny show. Not quite sure why the tour is called “Tinselworm”, but that’s by-the-by. It’s kind of ADD safe comedy, because it changes very quickly. One minute he’s talking, the next he’s playing one of his many instruments and/or singing! He made us all do a Mexican wave as well.

Anyway, it’s an ace show. Go and see it if you can. 🙂


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