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BBC’s Robin Hood – season 3 – my take

Like I mentioned earlier, season 3 of BBC’s Robin Hood seemed watchable – and it was! Some new characters, and as it turned out, series 3 was the last of the show. It was a relief to hear they’d cancelled it because with the season finale the way it was it would make no sense to continue with a series 4. Anyhoo, here’s a quick run-down of what I thought of the third and final series – spoilers ahead:

  • Kate (Joanne Froggatt): Crikey, how annoying was she? Didn’t mind the actress, but the character just got on my nerves a wee bit. If she didn’t get captured, she tried winning Robin’s heart (who, of course, had only just missed his beloved Marian end of season 2, so c’mon) and being a bitch. Kh!
  • Archer (Clive Standen): Only just came in at the end and could probably be a fun character if he was allowed some space to develop, but as he only made a short visit, he was mainly just annoying as well. Shouldn’t he feel some sort of loyalty toward his half brothers? Eh, didn’t get him.
  • Isabella (Lara Pulver): Izzy of Gizzy! One of those characters we all love to hate. She was fun, although not as much fun as the Sheriff. She was quite sinister as well. Funnily enough, she also did resemble Richard Armitage slightly (at least in colours) so good choice. I’m not sure I liked the character. I didn’t find her annoying like Kate, but on the other hand, she was a scheming bitch.
  • Meg (Holliday Grainger): The one-episode-wonder who has got a whole bunch of Guy of Gisborne fans go into a squee overload. Making fan-videos, wallpapers and delighted noises on message boards. She was feisty yet soft, and the fact that she brought out some human sides to Guy was nice. Just a shame she was dispatched of in such a manner. But I guess they couldn’t let Guy live happily ever after, after what he did to Marian, so … Still, would’ve loved to see her and Guy a lot more.
  • Friar Tuck (David Harewood): This season’s token, taking over the role from Djaq! I liked his character, though. Like a D&D Monk sort of thing. 🙂
  • Prince John (Toby Stephens): And here was the main reason why I followed season 3. 😀 Somewhat camp and much like a panto villain (or so I’ve heard) and very similar to Disney’s version of the character. An absolute delight!

Okay, and the rest of it: I loved the darker feel to the show. Gizzy’s new look – GREAT! In fact, everyone’s had a wardrobe update THANK GODS – finally they’ve actually decided to dress more time-appropriate! Loved the longer hair, the broodiness … yay! They should’ve killed Marian off ages ago! Although, then again, I believe it would’ve spoiled some lovely scenes in series 2 (re-watching series 1 right now) so … perhaps not. 😉 Robin’s still obnoxious and annoying as usual, so no change there.

And then there was the turning point.

At which Gizzy was redeemed, in a way … At least he started grieving Marian properly thanks to Meg, and joined the good guys. So all the “Gizzy’s good deep down”… well yeah, apparently he was! And as it turned out, he and Robin shared a half-brother, who seemed to have inherited the Locksley obnoxious gene. Crikey. Another good reason to end the show right there! 😣

And the ending … Blowing up Nottingham Castle with Byzantine fire … with Isabella and the Sheriff (of course Sheriff Vasey (Keith Allen) was never dead! Finger twitching or no finger twitching!) – that’s one of the reasons not to continue with a new series. Second, is the fact that they killed off Robin Hood, the main character. It doesn’t work to continue a show after that fact. We all knew Jonas Armstrong was going at the end of that series, so the fact that Robin got to bite the dust wasn’t really a surprise. Nice and touching reunion with Marian (Lucy Griffiths) … and so he died.

Third, and what GETS MY GOAT, is the fact that they of course had to punish Gizzy for killing Marian by killing him! He wasn’t redeemed enough by joining the outlaws in the fight against Isabella and Vasey, no, he had to die. The best character of the lot, the best actor of the lot and gone, just like that. They didn’t even give him any kind of funeral or that sort of thing, it was dead, now move along. BAH!

At least there are all the episodes leading up to that. And North & South. Oh, and of course, the Gisborne character – named sir Godfrey for some reason – will be played by Mark Strong in the upcoming Robin Hood movie. Mark Strong played Mr Knightley to Kate Beckinsale’s Emma in the 1996 TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. Sooo that’s pretty good. I think I like that. 🙂

Series 3 of BBC’s Robin Hood – better than the first two. At least the costumes were better. Just ended in a bit of a way I disagree with.


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