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Sunday Matinée: Travel Diary 29 December 2001

And here’s the bit where I go all fangirly, but for good reason. For a less good reason, some of the photos I wanted to link aren’t working. :/

Documented on a EuroLines bus.

We were to meet Birsen at the Haubtbahnhof at 10:30, so we left a bit before 10, so we could get something to eat first. It was just Lil and I, because Rita wanted to get ready (she was up all night and went up an hour before us… hmmmmm). She would meet us at EXTRA later on. At around 10:30, I get a message from Birsen saying she’d be there at 10:42, but then she SMS:d again saying 11:03. We had time to wait to 10:42, but not 11:03, so we went to get a taxi. Now, which one was Welsch? We found one that would get us there for 17 DM or so, and a Belgian woman asks if we’re going to EXTRA. She shared the taxi with us, and off we went. Oh, before, at the hotel, my mobile rings – it’s Elaine! She was very sorry she couldn’t come (she couldn’t get a plane ticket). It was really nice to talk to her, even though it was difficult to hear her sometimes (try concentrating on speaking with someone on the phone when you’ve got two people speaking Russian in the background!).

Lil, the Belgian woman and I got out of the taxi and joined the crowd in front of the doors. It was snowing, almost raining, and cooooold. We stood there, trying to figure out who and where Stefan Sjoers was. Turned out the guy we thought it might be actually was him, and he was standing not even two metres away. Birsen came along after a while; she had got a lift at the Hbf with some other fans.

At 12:30, Guido comes out and talks to the crowd. He was talking about his holiday, and said we should go in slowly and calmly. We got in eventually – the slow & calm bit working the first 20 people or so, before some people started pushing (I remember what you looked like and I might decide to give you a big slap in the face next year if you don’t shape up! *grr*). We got EXTRA-cards, and stood in line to get the Fanclub-CD. After that, bag control, resulting in both me and Lil having to give up our water bottles (there’s 2,50 DM down the drain – mine wasn’t open, and I forgot/half didn’t know who to ask to get it back afterwards). The guy looked in my bag, and asked, “was ist das?” pointing at my camera. I said “a camera”, so he asked “video oder foto?”. Of course it was a photo camera, which I of course told him. He didn’t check to make sure, which I think he should have done. I mean, I could have lied and said it was a photo camera, when it was a video camera, because he didn’t check! However, my camera was for photos and nothing else, but still!

After that, the fanshop. I bought a calendar, and later also a poster (“Down On Sunset”), and a T-shirt (a black one – now I have two of the same! *tihi*). Then I went into the party room, where Birsen had found a place for us. Where was Lil? Birsen and I were at the pillar on the left side of the stage. I held up the DBP sign (I made it outside, in order to “fish” for list members – mainly Stefan), and saw Lil waving to me – from near the pillar on the RIGHT side of the stage. She also held up the hand of… Stefan! She found him! I went over there to say hello. Indeed he had brought the singles for me! He also gave me a CD-R with a collection of the Shaire mixes he liked best. I was really flattered – not to mention surprised! Later, I showed it to Christian Geller and said, “Look what my friend gave me! Isn’t that sweet?” He took the CD and promised to listen to it (!). I just wanted to show it, but OK! Actually, to my [surprise? Horror? Happiness?], he put it on AT THE PARTY! It played in the background during the photo session in the end. I realised that when I all of a sudden began wondering why they played C.C. Catch in the background. After a little closer listening, I thought, “hang on… that’s my edit!”. OK, back to the beginning. I said thank you very much, and went back to my place.

That’s it right there.

Guido came on stage and talked, but I’m not sure what he said, because he only spoke German. I didn’t understand all of it, and Birsen only kind of translated the topic (such as “he’s talking about his holiday again”). He said something about singing “Win The Race”. Anyway, later on, when he came on stage again, he asked for five people who knew the lyrics of “Win The Race”, and who was willing to sing it. The winner would get to sing it together with Thomas. I volunteered and was picked.

The five of us went on stage, and sat there while Guido talked. Then, a guy called Stefan was first out. He was a good “Dieter stand-in”, and was directly named “Dieter” by the audience. He mixed up the lyrics a bit, but sang really nice. The second contestant was also a guy (forgot his name), who put on quite a show. Perhaps not the greatest singer, but a good sport, and real fun to watch. Third out was Sylvia, another good sport, who sang one line ahead of the melody during the entire first verse + chorus (even though the audience tried to help her). The fourth one was I. Oh mein Gotts… I couldn’t hear myself (now I understand the silly gesture Jerry Williams use all the time – that’s the only way of hearing yourself!), and I forgot the lyrics. I had help, though. Franzi was sitting on the floor, singing, and she knew the lyrics perfectly. I just had to read her lips to get it right, which was why I said “Danke, Franzi!” after I was finished.

Of ALL songs they HAD to pick “Win The Race”. A song that is a) not my favourite at all, and b) too low for me to sing. Gah. I wasn’t the worst one, so I didn’t make a complete fool of myself (even though my stage performance was really poor). I was actually told, by none other than KA.G.B.-producer Christian Geller (gotta love that guy!), that I had a nice voice but that the microphone was too low (that’s a BAD thing??) and so was the song for me to sing it. I said I could sing something else (an easier song) another time, but I forgot it. Ah well, something to do next year. ;c) OK, contestant number 5 was a woman from Turkey (forgot her name as well), who did her share of entertaining the fans. Then the vote: “Dieter” got, of course, most cheers, and was elected the winner. I was happy for him, because I thought he was good, and because I didn’t win. First time (I think) that I’ve been happy NOT to win a contest. We had fun anyway, and that’s all what mattered (aaaall that matters *sings*). (I’m writing this down on the computer in February, which allows me to add comments and stuff. The funny thing is that I can remember the lyrics now. And I could before. But while I was on stage, the lyrics were totally gone. Well, that’s life.)

At about 15:05, Thomas and Claudia enters the room. Everyone cheered and screamed, but since we were only about 400 people (100 less than last time), the roof had no intention of flying off the building this time. Thomas sang “Song Of Love” (an awesome disco tune I hope to hear more of in the future), and then said hello. Question time (damn, I never got to ask him a question *pout*), and then another song, “From High To Low” (mid-tempo). We also got to see the latest KA.G.B.-star-to-be Macella, who sang a very nice ballad (“The Sweet Lullaby”). “Dieter” got to sing the “Win The Race” duet with Thomas, which seemed to surprise Thomas (actually, the correct description would be “he didn’t look too happy about it at first”).

Following all that was an auction. They auctioned out Thomas’ clothes from “Mühle, Dame, Mord”, and also a videocassette with the movie, and a movie poster. All the money would go to charity for children (MDM was a charity project, where the money the actors were paid went to charity and also all the money the movie made). The leather jacket alone went for 480 DM!

Of course there was also a raffle (I had 10 tickets – one less than last year), but I didn’t win anything. Basically because I had one green ticket and nine blue. Claudia -again the Glücksfee – picked only green tickets, which was quite amusing. They tried getting a fan to draw one, but it was green as well! Thomas sang a third song, “If I Can’t Have You” (from the Fanclub-CD), and then the photo session began.

I went over to Lil and Stefan and sat down on the floor. Denise, who sent me all lyrics of TA songs in German (VIELEN, VIELEN DANK!!!), came over, and we spoke for a while, and then Franzi & Claudia (no, not Frau Anders) came over, which was fun. I recognised Bianca as well, so we exchanged a few words. This time, I also managed to get more than “jaja” or so from Birgit Wobbe. She seemed quite nice anyway.

When I was looking for Stefan (Sjoers), a girl walked up to me and asked if I recognised her. Her face was really familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. She said something including the name “Stefanie”, and a second before, I could place her, so I exclaimed “Nadinè!!”. Of course I remembered her! We talked for quite a while, which was really nice. She would go back the same night if she couldn’t find a room. I said the JH was full, and I wanted to say “you can sleep in our room!”, but we were three in a double-bed already, and four would’ve been impossible. I was surprised to see her, because I thought she couldn’t come this year, but it was only Stefanie who couldn’t make it. I was happy to see Nadinè again and told her to give Stefanie a hug from me as well.

Then, we (Lil & I) saw Birsen in the photo line, so we just “happened” to take place in the queue with her (shame on us, we didn’t take place in the end of the line, but as I said to Lil – “we’re rude foreigners!” *grin*). Lil, nervous to death, got first, so she got a Polaroid and I took like 4 or 5 photos with her camera. Then Birsen, and then myself. We took some more photos, and then decided to leave.

We called a taxi and went into town again. Birsen had to go back to Andernach, so we said goodbye to her (with many many hugs and kisses), and since we were totally starving, we then went to the pizzeria on Bahnhofsplatz, next to Hotel Höhmann (yes, the one I saw a few days earlier). Lil had lasagne, Rita had a Schnitzel with french-fries/chips/pommes frites, and I had a pizza called “Spaghetti”, just out of curiosity. It was a pizza with, get this, Spaghetti Bolognaise on (spaghetti & mincemeat sauce)! It was very tasty, even though it was very hot (let’s just say my mouth was tender the next day… and the day after that…), but we were really too hungry to care.

Then we went to the house of Thomas & Claudia, but we stopped on the other side of the street (we weren’t even in front of the building!), so Lil and I could get a photo of it (since we totally forgot about it the day before, when Claudia came out!). After we took the photo, we hurried away, because we felt really bad about being there – like we were intruding. We thought of going to the Internet café again, but decided we were too cold and tired to be bothered. Instead, we went back to Hotel Ibis, got ready for bed, went to bed, talked for quite a while, and then finally fell asleep.

Oh, Birsen talked to a guy called Victor when we stood in line for the photo session. He was really good-looking and had eyes for her only. They had shared a taxi from EXTRA after the first party Birsen went to (this was her third party, by the way). Seeing those two talk like that made Lil and I grin at each other meaningly. I do hope they exchanged numbers! :c)

A German guy talked to me at the party and asked if I was the head of MTSI, but I told him that no, I wasn’t the webmaster, but that he was a friend of mine. He spoke so good English I nearly didn’t believe he was German, but he had studied in England, so…

I also wanted to talk to Claudia before leaving the party, but I was told she had gone home. I truly do not blame her. I mean, it was exhausting for everyone, but the rest of us weren’t pregnant! OK, maybe someone in the audience was, what would I know? I don’t know if I, or even the other girls, can come next year (we all hope we can), and I don’t know how they’ll do the party, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Can you believe it – my second fanclubparty… WOOHOO!!

To be continued!


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