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Sunday Matinée: Travel Diary 27 December 2001

The plot thickens. So, I’d spent Boxing Day trying to find food in a town where every place except the cinema was shut. Here’s part two, in which I apparently go shopping for crystals.

Documented in room 12 at Hotel Jan van Werth.

I woke up at 10, even though the room’s clock radio said it was 18:26, but it had said that since I arrived. I had, quickly, put on a pair of pants (I was bloody well getting dressed!) when the cleaning lady entered and asked if I was to stay another night or leave today. She returned later, when I was about to leave. I checked out, and went to the Tourist Information office on Bahnhofsplatz. They told me Koblenz indeed has a New Age shop – at Rathauspassage, near Jesuitenplatz.

First, however, I needed to get more camera film, which I did at Löhr-Center. I sort of told myself “d’oh!” when I found out that the shop Saturn (that I was walking around wondering where the hell it had got to) was in the basement. Of course it was in the basement! Was my memory so weak?!? I also checked for any CDs that I wanted, but I didn’t find any.

At 11:45, I was outside Hotel Jan-van-Werth. I was expected at 12:00, but I didn’t mind waiting 15 minutes if it meant I didn’t have to carry my bags any further. Outside the hotel, I put the bags on the sidewalk and just waited. After maybe 2 minutes, a woman comes walking, stops outside the hotel and asks if I was waiting for her. I told her truthfully “da weiss ich nicht”, because I had no idea who she was. She asked if I was waiting for the hotel then, maybe? Yes I was! She changed to English after asking if it would be easier for me, so we talked a little, and I got a map and a brochure, and the key to room 12. The shower is just outside the room, and the toilet is opposite the shower room (perhaps 5 metres or so). The room is really nice, it feels a bit like you’re at home, and it’s cosier than at Hotel Höhmann. I put my bags in the closet, and went out.

Now, where was that New Age shop? First, I landed in H2O, the second hand record store I visited last time I was here. I found the Zlatko & Jürgen maxi-CD “Grosser Bruder”, the German version of the musical “Cats” (for my sister), and the soundtrack of “Twin Peaks”. So, the New Age shop? I had to ask the tourist information office (at Jesuitenplatz), because I sure as hell didn’t see a Rathauspassage! It turned out it was really close, and I found it (“go left, down the little street, and then left again”). The shop is called Unicorn, and it’s small, smelling of incense, and they played reggae music in the background. Small and incense smelling is normal for such shops, but they usually play relaxing meditation or New Age music. Reggae?! I bought two stones, but I’ve forgotten the names already. Copper-something and… er… something.

Oh, I got a phone call at H2O, and since it didn’t say which number was calling, I thought maybe it was Elaine or Birsen, so I had to answer it. It was some company asking if I wanted to send free SMS for a month, but I said “No thanks!”. The girl said “blah blah blah free SMS, very good, are you sure you’re not at all interested?” Anyone offering me free SMS for a month is my friend, but I said, “I don’t have the time!”. They offered to call again, and I said they were welcome to call me again, if they called next week. The call lasted only 30 seconds – thank Gotts! Any calls answered by me while in Germany are expensive. The caller only pays the usual fee (to or within Sweden), while I get the “privilege” to pay the rate between Sweden and Germany, which is why I didn’t want to waste time and money on something that wasn’t important. If Elaine or someone were calling, I would gladly pay, since that would have been important. Sales persons need not apply. Grrr!

Anyway, I went to the Löhr-Center and looked around. Funnily enough, I have seen many pizzerias today. A Thai wok fast-food restaurant thingy caught my attention, so I had a no.5 (noodles with traces of meat and vegetables). A little boring, so I’ll eat something else tomorrow. I also got the Hexenkalender 2002, at the bookstore Reuffel, where I checked my email, and I also checked Yahoo!Groups. Apparently, you can download an unreleased song by MT on the net?! “Declaration of Love” or something, and it was said to be on “America”, but wasn’t (another one was “Love To Love” – the song from the last Fanclubparty!). I’ll check it out when I go back home. So www.moderntalking.ru is the official Russian MT site, huh? With Olga Sviridova and all…

I went past the Herz-Jesu-Kirche (not open in January), and saw the lights were on, so I went into the church where Nora became “Frau Anders” in 1985. There was a little concert going on there, with maybe 5 people as audience, so I sat down to listen… and to send SMS. ;c) Actually, I sat down, because I was going in to take a photo, but I was kind of disorientated when there was a concert going on. I took a photo of the altar area when I got bored, and left. At 17:00, I was back at the hotel, where I am now.

Oh yeah, that’s a great photo, alright …

I have one litre of Apfelschlore (2 bottles, 2 kinds), of which one is nearly empty. Also, the chocolate soya dessert is too almost finished. :c/ All hail ecological food shops! Half of my gingerbreads are eaten, and all All-Flavour Beans as well (except the purple ones, hehe). I put on the radiator, as I mentioned before, and I read the Fanmade story “The Wedding” (for the simple reason of it being in the same notebook/notepad as this travel diary), and then I started writing down this trip’s Travel Diary.

Hotel Höhmann left a little piece of chocolate on the cover of the bed, here it’s a tiny bag of Haribo’s GOLDBÄREN (jellybears). I don’t like orange candy, you know. Not so much yellow either. One bag has 2 yellows (3 green, 3 red), and the other one has 1 orange (4 red, 1 white, and 2 green)… hmm. I think I’ll go with the bag with the orange, even though I don’t fancy jelly candy. I should’ve taken that chocolate piece after all, but I didn’t and now it’s too late.

It’s 21:18, four hours to go I’ll go to meet Birsen at the train station. I like Germany. They have power plugs like Sweden, and with the same voltage. Good thing I brought the charger for my mobile phone with me! Gah, these jellybears are too chewy. Isn’t white Thomas’ favourite jellybear colour? I think I prefer the red ones, to be honest. Mensch, am I like the ONLY fan who DOESN’T know which house Thomas & Claudia live in? I know the street, not the number…

DANY Apfelschlore: Applejuice (at least 60%), Tafelwasser (some kind of water), Kohlensäure (“kolsyra” in Swedish). Carbonated apple juice without colouring agents or things like that. Schmeckt gut! The other one has both colouring and preserving agents in it (and lemon juice…?!)… so we’ll see which tastes best! 21:44. I’m off to bed in a bit… to get some sleep before going to meet Birsen! But I might take a shower first… Tschüß!

The cold water wasn’t working in the shower room, meaning the toilet wouldn’t flush (fortunately, I didn’t do anything advanced), and you get boiled in the shower, because there sure as hell wasn’t anything wrong with the hot water! It worked just fine! I only kind of washed my hair; the body will get to know the substance known as Shower Gel at Hotel Ibis tomorrow. You see – I figure that if the hot water didn’t work at Höhmann, and the cold water not at Jan van Werth, then both will work at Ibis. Or possibly not. Maybe they won’t have ANY water working there! Not very likely, but not impossible. Hmm. The reception is closed now, so I’ll ask about the water tomorrow morning. We get breakfast included in the price here, woohoo!

No, I’ll sleep now, and wake up at 01:10. I wonder if Elaine is on a plane right now… and if she managed to check her email anywhere. Maybe she can at the airport? I know you could at London Gatwick… We’ll just have to wait and see. Auf Wiedersehen, bis Morgen.

P.S. These 3 days are 7 pages together… My London 2000 Diary is 8½ (even though I was away for two whole weeks! Then again, it doesn’t include every day), and Koblenz 2001a Diary is 13! This will be the longest Travel Diary for sure!

Yes, and it was – until we drove around Europe for three weeks, because I’m pretty sure I wrote more then. 😉

To be continued!


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